Benefits of Buying Used Caterpillar Generators Available for Sale

Generators, like other heavy machineries, require a heavy and substantial amount of investment. If you are just starting out, running on a tight budget or just someone who wants to make a cost efficient purchasing decision, you might want to consider buying a used generator for your power needs.

There are many reputable companies that regularly sell used diesel generators, used natural gas generators or rebuilt diesel generators. Caterpillar, which is one of the world’s largest makers of generators also offer second hand generators for sale.

While the decision of buying a new or used machine is completely up to you, we can help you a little by listing the benefits of buying used caterpillar generators -

  1. Low cost - Leading brands like Caterpillar can sometimes sell their generators for 50% of their actual costs. So you can get your hands on some premium and high quality products which would otherwise have been an extremely expensive investment, for a great price. Buying used caterpillar generators like the 2250 kW caterpillar 3608 or 4000 kW Caterpillar C175-20 can prove to be a great cost effective way of buying high quality heavy equipment or industrial assets.

  1. Available at request - Once you have figured out which one is the right generator for you to buy on the basis of your power requirements, you can buy a used generator. Unlike new generators, where you have to wait for your machine to get built, used generators are readily available for you to purchase. The wait time is likely to be longer for models which are larger. Nothing stops operating and having to wait for something as critical as a generator in times of crisis can prove to be costly and risky decision. With used generators, you would not have to worry about wait time.

While these are the two main benefits of buying a used caterpillar generator over a new one, there are some additional points that you should also keep in mind.

You must note that on the flipside of low cost and ready availability, lies the cons of lack of warranty and poor quality of the used generator. However, if you’re careful you can work around these disadvantages too. Firstly, buying from a reputable manufacturer like Caterpillar is the first step towards ensuring that the machine that you are buying is one that has proven to be durable. It is also much easier to find spare parts or service centers of Caterpillar products as they are readily available. With respect to warranty, though difficult, it is not impossible to come across products that still have a valid warranty.