The Data Center Market in US to Generate Revenues of Over $75 Billion During the Period 2020 −2025

Data Center Market in US – Segmentation

  • The procurement of ODM servers by hyperscale operators, cloud builders, and other enterprises has offered a significant boost to the server market. Server systems based on x86 architecture dominate the US data center market. Most modern operators are adopting servers that suit their workload requirements.
  • PDUs supporting up to 20 kW will increase with the use of high-performance computing infrastructure in the US. Diesel generators are more likely to be adopted than any other generators such as biofuel or natural gas. Most facilities are installed with >2 MW capacity per unit. Generators are usually accepted with N+1 redundancy in the region.

Market Segmentation by IT Infrastructure 

  • Servers
  • Storage
  • Network

Market Segmentation by Electrical Infrastructure 

  • UPS Systems
  • Generators
  • Transfer Switches and Switchgears
  • Rack PDU
  • Other Electrical Infrastructures

Data Center Market in US – Dynamics

The adoption of cloud-based services and big data are driving the hyperscale data center investments. There are over 40 hyperscale data center projects that were either opened or under construction in the US in 2019, with significant contributions from Facebook, Google, and Apple. Digital Realty, GIGA Data Center, COPT Data Center Solutions, EdgeCore, Aligned Data Center, CyrusOne, 1547 Realty, and Vantage Data Centers are some of the colocation providers building mega data centers with above 15 MW power capacity across the US. Most of these projects will be equipped with a minimum of N+N power infrastructure systems across all facilities, where UPS and PDU systems will be adopted as 2N redundant systems. For instance, Facebook's design involves the use of 48V DC UPS rack modular systems that support its infrastructure operating in six adjacent racks and can support over 30 kW of IT load.

Key Drivers and Trends fueling Market Growth:

  • Big Data & IoT Drives Data Center Development
  • State Incentives for Data Center Development
  • 5G Deployment to Increase Edge Data Center Investments
  • Emergence of QLC NAND Flash Drives

Data Center Market in US – Geography

Data centers in the South Eastern US are significantly contributing to the market. Overall, the Southeast US data center market witnessed around 50 projects in 2019, which is expected to be operational by June 2020. Several facilities have been developed by colocation service providers with an adaptable power redundancy that can be changed according to the customer's operational requirements.  In 2019, the Virginia market witnessed an investment of over $1 billion with the opening of several projects in the region. Virginia, comprising over 200 MW of wholesale rentals in 2019, is among the biggest and most vibrant data center economies in the US. It is the leading market for data centers across the world. Also, it has strong connectivity through fiber-optic infrastructure that runs across the region by Mid-Atlantic Broadband Communities Corporation's (MBC) advanced fiber-optic broadband system.