Caterpillar G3412 Generator and Its Major Benefits

For most industries and businesses, a steady supply of electrical power is crucial in keeping production and processes running smoothly and continuously. Depending solely on grid power is not enough because sudden power outages and interruptions can disrupt and halt operations—which often translates to a lot of money in lost revenues. For these reasons, the most successful companies are always ready with generators such as the Caterpillar G3412 to supplement their power needs and provide backup power in case of an outage from the grid.

The Caterpillar G3412 is a natural gas fueled ‘combined heat and power’ or CHP system that is designed to provide emergency backup as well as supplement electrical power from the grid. It runs off of natural gas, biogas, field gas, or propane and has maximum continuous rating of 453 ekW. It is powered by a 27.0 L naturally aspirated gas engine and has maximum standby rating of 500. The G3412 is proudly manufactured by Caterpillar, a company with over 90 years of industry experience in building extremely reliable heavy machinery and power generation equipment, so you are guaranteed of a quality product.

The G3412 offers a number of great advantages like fuel economy which is derived from its use of cheaper biogas or propane as a fuel source. Natural gas can either be stored in a tank or piped in direct from the local gas company for convenience as well to ensure continuous operation. Natural gas generators are also very efficient, with fewer emissions than their diesel or gasoline counterparts. They are likewise easier to maintain and service. Their high initial investment cost is easily offset by the fuel and maintenance savings and are guaranteed to run for longer for a good return of your money. Caterpillar provides expert technical support for its products for after sales support and maintenance care for your equipment. 

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