Diesel Generator for Sale - Important Reasons Why the Diesel Generators Beat Gas

Diesel engines and generators are used across the world, in a number of industrial, commercial, and manufacturing settings for power generation purposes. Because the functioning of the generator is based on the internal combustion method, the fuel consumption is reduced while the energy efficiency is enhanced. A diesel generator for sale possesses the best thermal efficiency and their high compression ratio helps them to extract maximum power from the fuel. Because of these features, the diesel engine generators have better efficiency and can provide better performance.

Advantages of Diesel Engine Generators and Diesel as a Fuel

A number of innovations have been successfully undertaken and a 4-stroke diesel engine and a diesel generator for sale today is much more fuel efficient and performance oriented. When used along with the electric genset, the functioning of the diesel engine is devoid of any spark-based ignition system, which provides for easy maintenance. There are no more parasitic loads on the diesel engines that are manufactured by leading companies including Caterpillar. The generators can reach the highest of torque, and diesel can also lubricate the unit injectors and the cylinders, thereby improving the life of the diesel generator.

  • Diesel as a fuel has a number of advantages as well.
  • It is the least flammable of all fuel sources.
  • The fuel can also be easily obtained as it is a necessary fuel for the trucking industry, farming operations and for the military.
  • The fuel can be delivered on site.
  • Diesel engine life for the liquid cooled diesel engines (@1800RPM) can easily extend to 20,000 hours if the diesel generators are properly maintained and serviced.
  • The high-speed diesel engines delivering power at 3600 RPM also have up to 15000 hours of life expectancy.
  • Diesel engines and the generators are quite competitively priced and the new, as well as the used versions, are available.
  • For long time periods, the cost of operation of the diesel engine generator is much less than the gas generator.

The natural gas generators are not as high in performance or as fuel efficient as the diesel generators are. They may be only used in conditions when fuel cost is an issue or in the remote areas where natural gas is present in abundance, which makes the fuel less expensive.

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