Everything You Wanted to Know About Cat Diesel Engines for Sale

When it comes to the best diesel engines, the brand Caterpillar is no doubt one of the finest in the industrial category. These machines are known for their power and durability. Cat diesel engines do not require too much maintenance. You can rely on the to supply the power you need without interruption. If you are interested in knowing more about this brand, here are some interesting facts:

  • The brains behind the company was Benjamin Holt. He designed and created Link Belt Combined Harvester in 1886 using a variety of steam tractors. This machine helped farmers dramatically cut the cost and labor time.
  • Today, Caterpillar (also known as Cat) is one of the largest brands with a wide range of engine models specific for both commercial and industrial uses. There are engines designed for marine vessels, ships, semi trucks, locomotives, and more.
  • Benjamin Holt was awarded by the National Inventors Hall of Fame because of his great contribution in the field as well as his consumerist ideas in 2006.
  • The first Cat electronic diesel engine was called Caterpillar 3126 and was designed for buses and light trucks.
  • All Cat diesel engines or generators have undergone thorough rigorous designing, engineering, and manufacturing processes to ensure optimal performance. Each of the major parts in an engine is tested individually for quality assurance. The fully assembled generator will once again test completely at 100% and above of rated load before it is ready for sale.
  • New Cat diesel engines come complete with expert service as well as support from dealers. You can also choose to buy refurbished Cat diesel generators to cut costs. Just make sure that you choose a good refurbishing supplier.

If you are looking to new or used cat diesel engines, always choose a reputable distributor. Check the company's credibility and proven track record in selling not just this brand but also other brands of engines, generators, and power systems.