Few things You Must Know About Caterpillar Natural Gas Generators

The use of natural gas generators is an efficient and widely applied way of generating power. The fuel is efficient in both portable and industrial generators, and considered as among the most cost-effective and clean-burning when compared to other non-renewable resources, like coal and diesel. Caterpillar natural gas generators contributed to the increase in popularity of the fuel for power generation purposes. Here are some of the things you should know about them:

  • Caterpillar Natural gas generators are engineered to high efficiency while ensuring low life cycle costs. The equipment is manufactured to meet global emissions specifications, too. You should find it easy to install the generator and operate it, with new engine technologies that can deliver cogeneration, heat, or power with top-of-the-line thermal and electrical efficiency. The manufacturer gets the heat recovery modules, control systems, and containers from reputable sources.
  • Your power generation sources can be flexible as some Caterpillar Natural gas generators support other power sources, like biogas, coal, and electricity. The gas engine itself is robust with a high-speed block design for a longer service life and minimal operating costs. It is designed to maximize performance on a low-pressure pipeline natural gas, with a simple combustion system for fuel flexibility and reliability. Engine efficiency is guaranteed with a leading edge ignition system technology and an air/fuel ratio control. An electronic control module lets you handle all functions, including engine protection and governing.
  • Caterpillar natural gas generators are either new or used. As long as you buy from a reputable company, you can be sure that used generators are guaranteed to be in good working condition and compatible with global emission standards. A generator should be able to meet worldwide emission requirements down to 0.5 g/bhp-hr Nox level, even without after-treatment.
  • Caterpillar provides a range of attachments that can make the generator more flexible and useful for your application. These include bolt-on system expansion attachments and flexible factory-tested and designed packaging options.
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