Get Efficient Power Generation with Pre-Owned Jenbacher Gas Generator

Are you looking for the best pre-owned Jenbacher gas generator? Then you have come to the right place. Jenbacher generators are known for their robust performance and durability. Irrespective of the atmosphere and conditions, they perform well and provide power backup for hours. Mostly, the Jenbacher engines run on different types of gases such as natural gas, biogas, coal seam gas, associated petroleum gas, and etc. These generators, accompanied by the innovative digital solutions, provide the most efficient power generation when they are put to use. The wattage range of these generators falls in the range of 249 KW to 9500 KW and hence is suitable to be used in houses as well as in the industries.

Jenbacher gas generator -

Jenbacher power generators are not a new name in the market as the company has been manufacturing these engines for near about 50 long years. When it comes to innovative gas engines, the manufacturer never fails to surprise its rivals. For example, some of the most innovative Jenbahcer technologies included world’s first 20 and 24 cylinder gas engines, the LENOX control philosophy, etc. A Jenbacher gas generator is mainly built to use less-harmful gases as fuel and deliver power packed performance. The engines are built of the top quality products and hence these generators last for years.

The Jenbacher generators are mainly of the following types:

  • Type 2
  • Type 3
  • Type 4
  • Type 6
  • Type 9

The power output of the above-mentioned types gradually increases as we go down the series. While the first few types help to provide power backups in small environments, the type 4-9 engines could be used for huge industrial complexes. These engines are configured to produce not only electricity but also heat, high-grade carbon dioxide, etc. 

The Jenbahcer gas engines not only results in excellent fuel economy but also contributes to a less-harmful environment (which oil-based generators fail to achieve). Besides, these generators are capable of providing a constant power backup even when the gas supply they need falls short.

A Jenbacher gas generator is an all-around performer when it comes to using the fuel efficiently and delivering excellent power backup. You can either purchase the new gas generator or can also buy the pre-owned ones. While the new ones definitely come with a warranty, the pre-owned or used ones do not fail to impress customers either. Due to their durable engines, they last for years and still continue delivering the same performance.