Key Points Before Purchasing Used Caterpillar Generators For Sale

If you are planning to purchase used Caterpillar generators for sale, then you have come to the right place. When you are making a decision to buy a used generator, you have to decide on the power generation needs so that you can select the best equipment. Normally, these equipment come in size range of 20KW to 2500 KW and the engine size range is from 150 HP to 4000 HP. The next thing what you need to consider is whether to opt for single phase or three phase generator. Buying used industrial generators come with a lot of benefits. Most importantly, it is the most affordable solution and at the same time, you might get some high-quality equipment that has run only a few hours. These generators also come in different types such as electric, propane gas, natural gas, and diesel. Normally, people will go for diesel generators only as they involve less cost. Day-by-day, the cost of the fuel is going up. Under such situation, diesel generators provide cost-effective power solution.

When you are going for used Caterpillar generators for sale, you have to consider several factors. First of all, you should know about the age of the equipment i.e. when it was actually purchased and also the total amount of hours it has run. You also need to check how it was used by the owner. You should know about the manufacturer and his history as well as reputation. In the case of Caterpillar, they have a high reputation. You should go through the maintenance record of the generator and check whether periodical maintenance was done. The wear and tear of the generator should be checked through physical inspection. The buyer can also opt for load test so that they will get to know the efficiency of the equipment in generating power. You should also take into account from whom you are buying the generator i.e. whether from the owner or from the broker. All mechanical parts can also be checked for its good condition. Check if there is any corrosion or cracks on the equipment. Bearings, bushings, bolts, fasteners, wiring, and welding also needs to be checked and wherever necessary the repairs should be carried out. Last but not the least, you should check for the proper running of the used Caterpillar generators for sale.

Consider the above factors before you actually purchase used Caterpillar generators.

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