Natural Gas Standby Generator Ensures Uninterrupted Power Supply

Blackouts have always happened but the importance of having a standby generator power has been made more than prominent in the last decade, with hurricanes and storms wreaking havoc over the country. Only those who went through the horrors of an unending power outage can truly appreciate the magic that a standby generator can provide.

Unlike portable generators that produce electricity from fuels like gasoline or diesel, standby generators depend on natural gas or propane. This means that you have to have gallons of gas stored in your house to refuel your generator in case of an outage to keep it running continuously. In case of an outage, you cannot expect the pumps in the gas stations to work. Standby generators, on the other hand, are directly connected to the electrical panel in your home and are powered by fuel like natural gas. So, there’s almost an unlimited supply of fuel that does not require you to keep aside fuel or get up in the middle of the night to refuel.

When there is an interruption in the main power supply, the ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) detects it swiftly. First, it disconnects you from your main source of power, then starts the generators and in a few seconds, it seamlessly transfers some selected appliances and electrical circuits to the backup power source. This entire system is powered by an internal combustion based engine that is fueled by natural gas.

Once municipal power is back on, the ATS disconnects the generator and reconnects all the electrical circuits of your house to the power grid. This assured uninterrupted supply of power that a natural gas standby generator ensures makes it a great deal for everyone, especially those families which have small children, those who need to use medical equipment powered by electricity or those who run a business from their home and cannot afford to have blackouts.

Not only do natural gas standby generators ensure uninterrupted power supply, they are also much safer than portable generators because they are installed at a considerable distance from your home. This ensures that you or your family members are not exposed to any toxic fumes.

Last but not the least you do not need to be worried about losing or being robbed off your standby generator. Unlike portable generators, they are permanent installations that cannot just be picked up and carried away. They are installed at some distance from your home on a pad of concrete that thieves can definitely not conquer.