Precautions to be Followed During the Installation of Natural Gas Backup Generator

Interruptions caused by power outages can be extremely costly. This is especially true for businesses that rely heavily on their electric-powered machinery or equipment for their production. It is no doubt inconvenient for offices or data centers, too. That is why generators—specifically backup generators—are essential for almost all industries. They help ensure uninterrupted and continuous operations when the main power source fails during an emergency situation, such as bad weather.

Some of the most affordable and effective backup generators are powered by natural gas and are connected to natural gas pipes. Compared to the other types of generators like diesel, natural gas is cleaner, emitting lower greenhouse gases during operation. They are ideal for home use, too because they don't produce a pungent odor that is normal to diesel generators.

Before you go using your natural gas backup generator, proper installation is important to prevent health and safety risks. Below are some of the most important precautionary measures to take note of.

  1. Read and follow the installation instructions of the manufacturer. Find out what their recommendations are for installing safe electrical connections and placement of the unit. This is vital to avoid hazardous conditions and other health risks such electrocution and carbon monoxide poisoning.
  3. Pick an area for the unit that is clean and clutter-free. The generator should be far from any combustible material to prevent fires.
  5. Do not connect the unit to the utility distribution system unless you already have set up the automatic transfer switch. This step is also important to isolate the utility distribution system from the generator’s electric system.
  7. Let a qualified electrician install your unit according to the manufacturer's instruction.

If you want to use an environment-friendly and cost-effective backup generator, choose natural gas. To save more money, you can also look for a contractor online that sells used natural gas backup generator. Make sure that your contractor is reliable and reputable to get the best value.  

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