New & Used Industrial Diesel Engines

  1. Item# E4154 - Caterpillar C18 Industrial 630HP, 2100RPM Diesel Engine (Several Available)


    New Caterpillar C18 Diesel Engines - Several Available!

    [email protected] 2100RPM

    Flywheel/Housing SAENo.1, 

    24V.Starters and Alternators

    Air Compressor Governors

    Engines can come as Power Unit or as Engine only

    Please view product document "buildsheet" for further details

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    PRICE $1.00
  2. Item# E4156 - Caterpillar C32 1350HP, 2100RPM Industrial Diesel Engine (2 Available)


    New Caterpillar C32 Diesel Industrial (Oil Drilling Spec) Engine – 2 Available! - Rated at 1350HP @ 2100RPM - SAE 0, 24V - Tier 2 Emissions Compliant - Surplus New Condition! Learn More

    PRICE $1.00
  3. Item# E4201 - Caterpillar 3412E Marine 635HP, 1800RPM Diesel Engine


    New 2008 Caterpillar 3412E Marine Propulsion Engines

    635HP, 1800RPM. Heat exchanger cooling system.
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    PRICE $1.00
  4. Item# E4204 - Caterpillar 3306B Industrial 375HP, 1800RPM Diesel Engine


    Pre-Owned Caterpillar 3306B Engine

    375HP, 1800HP. Control panel for unit is digital.

    Unit comes with weather proof enclosure. 

    Circuit breaker, Heat blocker, and Muffler included with unit.

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    PRICE $0.00
  5. Item# E4206 - Caterpillar C15 Industrial 475HP, 2100RPM Diesel Engine (Several Available)


    New Caterpillar C15 Industrial Engine (Several Available)

    475HP, 2100RPM, Tier 3, SAE# 0, Radiator, No Control Panel.

    Contact us for more info.

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    PRICE $56,000.00
  6. Item# E4210 - Caterpillar C18 Industrial 600HP, 1800-2100RPM Diesel Engine


    New Caterpillar C18 Engine.

    [email protected] SAE1 Flywheel rotation.

    CAT Control Panel included with Unit.

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    PRICE $0.00
  7. Item# E4221 - Caterpillar 3516 Industrial 2100HP, 1800RPM Diesel Engine


    Pre-Owned Caterpillar 3516 Industrial Engine

    [email protected] Continuous Rating. 

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    PRICE $95,000.00
  8. Item# E4224 - Caterpillar G3616 Industrial 4732HP, 1000RPM Natural Gas Engine (Several Available)


    Caterpillar G3616 Natural Gas Engine/s (Several Available)

    4732HP, 1000RPM.

    Please contact us for more info & Pricing.

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    PRICE $0.00
  9. Item# E4227 - Caterpillar 3512B Marine 1250HP, 1600RPM Diesel Engine


    Pre-Owned Caterpillar 3512B Marine Engine

    [email protected] High Houred Running take out.

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    PRICE $0.00
  10. Item# E4231 - Sullair Two Stage Caterpillar C16 Industrial 630HP, Diesel Compressor (Several Available)


    Sullair Two Stage Air Compressor with CAT C-16 Engine.

    630HP, Oilfield Skidded, Low hours.

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    PRICE $0.00
  11. Item# E4233 - NEW Caterpillar G3306 Industrial 145HP, 1800RPM Natural Gas Engines


    New 2012 Caterpillar G3306NA Industrial Engines - 1 Remains Available!

    [email protected]

    Charging Alternator 24V 35amp

    Compression ratio 10.5:1

    Includes Radiator and integrated catalyst

    Please refer to product documents for further information

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    PRICE $0.00
  12. item# E4235 - Caterpillar C27 Industrial 1150HP, 1800RPM Diesel Engine


    Pre-Owned Caterpillar C27 Engine Power Unit

    Engine HP range: 1150HP - 875HP @ 1800RPM

    Twin disc clutch. Radiator included.

    FBO Support Bearing and Multi-Sheave Pulley

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    PRICE $0.00
  13. Item# E4237 - Caterpillar D379TA Industrial 550HP, 1200RPM Diesel Engine


    Pre-Owned Caterpillar D379TA Industrial Engine

    [email protected]

    Engine turns through.

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    PRICE $0.00
  14. Item# E4246 - Caterpillar 3406C DITA Industrial 519HP, 1800RPM Diesel Engines (3 Available)


    Pre-Owned Caterpillar 3406C DITA Engines - 3 Available

    [email protected] 24V Electric Starter and Charging Atlernator.

    15' sq.ft. radiator assm. throught generator flywheel assm.

    Standard oil cooler. GS Governor included.

    Service meter operational. SAE No.1/No.0 Flywheel.

    New paint and decaled. Approx 4000 - 6000 since new on 3 units.

    Good runners.

    Engine cores available - Rebuild on engines upon request. 

    Please allow 6-8 business days to complete.

    $38,500 USD each.

    Optional radiators also available. $3,000 USD each.

    Radiator cooled w/ 15' sq. ft. radiator assm. with front & fan guards

    40" right-hand blower / pusher fan blade

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    PRICE $29,500.00
  15. Item# E4248 - Caterpillar 3412 Industrial 1070HP, 1800RPM Diesel Engine


    Rebuilt Caterpillar 3412 Industrial Engine

    [email protected]

    Dyno tested and serviced. 

    6 months part warranty included.

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    PRICE $0.00
  16. Item# E4250 - Caterpillar 3508B Marine 1050HP, 1800RPM Diesel Engine


    Pre-Owned Caterpillar 3508B Marine Engine

    [email protected]

    IMO Compliant unit.

    Electric starting motor LH 24V

    Charging Alternator 24V, 60 amp

    Flywheel Housing SAE 0

    Electronic Governor

    Expansion tank included

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    PRICE $0.00

The wheels of progress have been powered by engines and the claim to economic superpower status has often been tagged with the prowess of engines that virtually handle most of the operations of economic growth.  Suffice to say that there are very few areas of industry where engines have no role.

At Powergenenterprises, emphasis has always been on empowering progress through engines. To this effect we have brought world class engines of two of the most popular manufacturers – Caterpillar and Cummins to buyers.  In use in diverse industries, the new and used engines that we offer on sale are critical movers of economic indices.

Fuelled by diesel and natural gas, these engines are modern marvels of engineering, robust, sturdy and technologically advanced, incorporating the latest improvisations that help to create better output efficiently.

At Powergenenterprises, the need for easily portable engines has always been identified as a prime advantage for businesses. Hence, the inventory we stock for sale has always comprised a suitable proportion of portable engines. The diesel and natural gas engines of Caterpillar and Cummins have been manufactured to function under the harshest conditions with low operating costs and negligible downtime. Lengthier downtime impacts businesses badly, and it is always a wise investment to go in for reliable brands, such as Caterpillar and Cummins.

As businesses attempt to cut costs without compromising on quality, the choice of used engines holds promise, especially in the context of the process of refurbishing. At a considerably cheaper cost when compared to a new engine, it is possible to acquire a used engine that can turn out to be an asset. The extended support, on the back of a comprehensive inspection by trained technicians, in addition to coverage makes the proposition attractive.

Powergenenterprises offers for sale, the very best engines in the industry, with dedicated support that forms the backbone of our service oriented business. If your search is for a rugged engine to power your business, then opt for the best brands from a reliable and supportive vendor. With expanding footprints, Powergenenterprises is best suited to meet your dynamic needs for powerful engines.

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