The Inner Mechanism of a Detroit Diesel Generator

Detroit manufactures some of the most reliable and high-performance diesel generators for emergency, prime, and standby power requirements. Its generators are known for being robust, easy to maintain, and cost-effective in the long run. Knowing how they work can help you understand the inner mechanism of your Detroit diesel generator, so you can make the most of its use. In the engine, air is compressed in a cylinder, after which the charge of fuel is to be sprayed to the cylinder to generate the ignition as the compression heats up.

Detroit diesel generators have a two-cycle engine, which means exhaust and intake occur during the power strokes and compression stage. Four-stroke engines will require four piston strokes for the entire operating cycle. So, with a two-cycle process, the process is cut to half. A blower forces air to the cylinders to expel the exhaust gases and deliver fresh air for combustion. The cylinder wall has a row of ports positioned above the piston when it is below the stroke. The ports let air enter from the blower into a cylinder when the piston’s rim uncovers the ports. Air flow is unidirectional toward the exhaust valves to produce a scavenging effect, which leaves cylinders filled with clean air when the piston covers inlet ports.

Each engine in a Detroit diesel generator comes with lubricating oil filters, oil coolers, fuel oil filter, heat exchanger, air cleaners, raw water pump or a radiator and fan, a starting motor, and a fuel oil strainer. The coolant is circulated throughout the engine to control engine temperature and regulate the coolant’s flow within a cooling system. The speed of the engine is regulated via a hydraulic type or mechanical engine governor, depending on how you use the generator. The Detroit diesel generator works with an electric start. The motor is powered by the storage battery, which comes with a charging generator working with a suitable voltage regulator to keep it charged.


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