Things to Consider While Purchasing a Caterpillar C27 Generator

Generators are used mostly when there’s a power outage and people need a continuous power supply. While there are a lot of manufacturers in the market, producing highly efficient generators, Caterpillar still dominates the market as it always had been. And now, the cat c27 generator has surpassed everyone’s expectations as it is one of the generators which are highly efficient and reliable. The Cat c27 model finds its use mostly in primary or standby applications. While the generator is more than enough to be used for a homely environment, even small or medium scale industries can use it too. The generator never fails to deliver constant power backup even when there’s a shortage of fuel.


Cat c27 generator details -

The cat c27 generator is a diesel-based generator that has a power rating in the range of 680 kW to 800 kW at 60 HZ. The voltage rating generally ranges from 208 V to 600 V. The c27 generator models were mainly manufactured to use low fuel amount and yet deliver higher power output. Fortunately, the company has succeeded in their initial plans and now they are committed to manufacturing modified models of cat c27 generators. The current model is equipped with a lot of advanced features to deliver power pact performance. For example, the integration system of cat c27 (ATS and switchgear) helps the generator in providing constant power supply.

Factors to consider:

The cat c27 generator series comprises of different models equipped with different features. While some of them find their use in one’s home, some of them are used in small industries. They are excellent engines that can provide constant power output even when the fuel supply doesn’t remain constant. If you are looking for purchasing a c27 model, you might consider taking a look at the following factors:

  • Wattage: All the models give a power output in between the range of 650 kW to 800 kW. And the speed of these engines is 1800 rpm.


  • Hours: They can work somewhere in between 10 to 60 hours.



The Cat c27 generator is a reliable engine which is justified by the fact that it has received CSA certification, IBC certification, seismic certification, etc. if you are looking for a value for money power generator, investing behind c27 caterpillar models would be a wise choice.