Used Diesel Engines For Sale – Helpful Tips Before You Buy

Buying of used diesel engines for sale comes with several advantages. These are ideal for those organizations which are not only extensive but also less routine. Buying these used generators is a financial savvy solution available to the organizations. However, these do not come with a warranty or guarantee. But it is ideal to go for these rebuilt/reconditioned diesel generators. Several small scale or even in some cases large scale businesses go for these as they are cost effective. However, certain factors need to be taken in to consideration before going in for the actual purchase and they are given below:

  • History:

When you go for the used diesel engines for sale, you should know who the manufacturer is, the number of years in the business, his reputation and the current market scenario. It is advisable to go for the manufacturer who has a good reputation for producing quality machinery that can stand the test of time. You should also ensure that at times of emergency, the spare parts of your engine should be easily available.

  • Age:

Before going in for the used generators, you should know when it was purchased and its total hours of running. This can be found from the odometer of the engine. You must also know how it was used i.e. as prime or standby or backup power source. Normally, a standby generator or backup generator would have been well maintained and will have less wear and tear when compared to the ones used as a prime power source.

  • Maintenance:

You should check the maintenance record of the used generator. You should also ask the seller about how he maintains the diesel generators, engines, transfer switches, etc. You can also question them on the procedures used for maintenance, installation, and uninstallation of the generators. Check whether they have an exclusive engineer to look after the generator or do they have dyno-testing equipment on site, etc. This is very much important to check because only well-maintained generator will have a long lifespan.

  • Wear & Tear:

The used diesel engines for sale should be checked for its wear, tear, corrosions, cracks, bolts, fasteners, etc. These should be repaired and replaced as per the recommendations of the manufacturer.

  • Load Test:

Last but not the least, a load test of the used generator should be done. This will only help in determining the efficiency of the generator to produce power. This is checked by running the machine at different loads. This test should be repeated at least three times to ensure there is no unexpected breakdown.

Keep in mind the above factors while buying used diesel generators.


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