Ways to Make Detroit Diesel Generator Faster

Detroit is known to be one of the best brands of diesel engines, but they are also good at manufacturing reliable and high-quality diesel generators whether as primary or backup power sources. Today, this brand offers a wide range of diesel generator sets that are engineered to meet the high-power demands of both commercial and industrial applications. You, too, can benefit from Detroit's reliable performance and durability. What’s more, these generators require less maintenance and are cheap to run.

However, like any other machines, Detroit diesel generators can eventually develop problems—most notably difficulty in starting and slow cranking. This may happen when the weather is cold and the oil thickens and the battery output drops at the same time. Don’t worry—you can follow these steps to keep your generator running during cold weather operation.

  1. Check the oil using the dipstick. If the oil is thicker than usual, this could indicate that you need to switch to lighter oil or synthetic motor oil that is rated for diesel engines.
  3. Check the block heater and the battery charger if they are connected to the shore power. Check if they are properly working and change them if they are not.
  5. Buy cold or winterizing kits for diesel generators. Some contractors offer these kits that include specific fluids or add-on components that will protect your generator during the colder seasons.
  7. Read your manual and look for the manufacturer's winter maintenance instruction. Follow what it says or call your dealer for help if you cannot trace the problem.

Whether you buy new or used Detroit diesel generator, you will surely be able to maximize the use of the unit with proper maintenance. This is especially true if you will buy from a reputable contractor. You will know that your contractor is trustworthy if they are not afraid to share their expertise in finding the right diesel generator that suits your budget.


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