What Do You Mean by Natural Gas Backup Generator?

Power outages can cause interruptions, which can mean costly losses if your business depends on power to function and operate machinery and critical equipment. Having a natural gas backup generator can help. Like most standby generators, it can minimize interruptions and allow you to resume operations shortly once it is switched on. Natural gas generators can be cost-effective and reliable to use as back-up power during power outages caused by bad weather or human error. They can simply be connected to your natural gas pipes to deliver full or partial power when an outage occurs.

Cummins is one of the brands of generators that carry natural gas standby units. The generators are made to be quiet and powerful, while ensuring savings with their fuel-efficient engine operation. A natural gas backup generator is reliable and will not impose any danger to your facility, as the fuel lines are typically buried underground or installed away from anything that could easily access them. This way, the generator is less susceptible to interruptions in service. High-quality natural gas generators are designed to ensure peak performance as required. They can be programmed to automatically switch on when needed, and switch off once electricity has been restored.

Natural gas generators may appeal to you if you want your standby power to run on clean-burning fuel that is reliable, safe, and efficient. Their fuel is less expensive compared to other non-renewable fuels, too. More importantly, it helps reduce your carbon footprint as it emits lower amounts of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and sulfur when compared to what coal and oil can produce. Natural gas backup generators do not generate a pungent odor, which is typically present in other fuels. The fuel is readily available and can be delivered directly to the generator via pipelines. This way, fuel storage is redundant and more reliable.

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