Where Should You Sell Your Generator – Online Details?

When you plan to sell your generator, there are certain things you should consider.  You will have to answer a lot of questions especially when you are selling it online. When people look for the generators, they will also be looking for all the information related to the unit that is put on sale. It is to be noted that most of the sellers will leave out critical details which will make it difficult to sell. The common mistake what the seller will do is to put up the ad with minimal information which makes the buyer to call them up. Only when more information about the generator is put up, it will get more inquiries. Let’s see here some tips to sell your generator.

  1. Put up a photo of your generator:

The listing should be done with pictures only. Otherwise, it will not attract the attention of the buyer. Post as many photos as possible as mentioned below:

  • Full view of the unit
  • View of the unit in its enclosure
  • Hour meter (similar to odometer which tells total hours of running)
  • A close up of the engine
  • Picture of block panel, battery panel, and transfer switch
  • View of voltage stamp
  • Picture of the brand
  • Picture of bells, whistles, alarms, emergency stop buttons, and coolant levels
  • Picture of skids, rubber pads or trailers
  1. Show video:

For the immediate sale of your generator, upload a video of your generator on YouTube and copy the URL on your sales page so that the prospective buyer will get to know its operation, noiseless, shape, etc. This is the modern method of selling power equipment.

  1. Time Limit:

You should also fix up the time limit within which you want to sell your generator.

  1. Right Price:

Normally, sellers find it difficult to fix the exact price for their used generators. They might not even get any generator similar to that to get to know how they have priced. But remember the ad put up without the price will not attract the buyers as they might think it is highly priced. In case, you have priced it high, you need not have to worry as you always can negotiate it.

  1. Attend Inquiries Immediately:

For the quick selling of your generator, you have to attend to the customer’s inquiries immediately. Ensure you answer important questions and also provide more info wherever necessary.

  1. Include URL for Generator’s Manual:

It is a smart way to put the URL of the generator’s manual so that the buyers will get all the information they need to know about the same.

  1. Service History:

Periodic service and maintenance history of the generator should be put up as this will indicate the upkeep of the generator and will secure a good price.

  1. Load Testing:

This is very much essential as it provides the accuracy of the machine.

Thus, you have to put up all the above details when you put up your ad for sell your generator online. This will for sure get you desired results.

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