7 Steps for Proper Maintenance of Caterpillar Diesel Generators

Caterpillar is a well-known brand and manufacturer of industrial equipment. Generators are among their best-sellers, and these products are known for their efficiency, durability, and reliability. Caterpillar diesel generators are great investments in every business that requires a reliable main or backup power supply. While they are durable, you still need to make sure that you care for them properly to prolong their service life and minimize or avoid repairs. Hence, here are seven steps to proper maintenance of Caterpillar diesel generators:

1. Routine inspection – Monitor the DC electrical system, engine, fuel system, and exhaust system for leaks while the generator is running. Leaks can become hazardous when you let them be. Moreover, consider conducting oil changes every 100 hours of usage.

2. Lubricate them – Check the engine oil when shutting down the Caterpillar diesel generator. Use a dipstick for this. Let the oil in the engine’s upper portions to drain back into its crankcase and refer to Caterpillar’s recommendations for oil viscosity and API oil classification. Make sure the oil level is near the dipstick’s full mark by adding a similar brand and quality of oil. Remember to change the filters and oils, too.

3. Take care of the fuel system – Diesel can become contaminated and corrode within a year, so be sure to perform regular generator set exercises to use up any stored fuel prior to degradation. Drain fuel filters at proper intervals because water vapor can condense and accumulate in the tank. Test and polish the fuel regularly if you have not used or replaced it in three to six months.

4. Check the cooling system – Determine the coolant level at shutdown, and let the engine cool off. You may add coolant until the level is around ¾ inches. For heavy-duty Caterpillar Diesel Generators, you may need to create a balanced mixture of water, coolant additives, and antifreeze.

5. Routine engine exercising – This should prevent oxidation of the electrical contacts, uses up the fuel before it can deteriorate, and makes the engine start more reliable. Likewise, it keeps engine parts of the Caterpillar diesel generators lubricated.

6. Battery maintenance – Keep batteries fully charged and properly maintained, and remember to clean them and check their electrolyte levels.

7. Keep it clean – Take care of oil drips and other issues as soon as you see them. Do a visual inspection to make sure that the belts and hoses are in good condition.

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