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As compared to most of its contemporaries that have been in business for several decades, Multiquip is a relatively new player. However, in its 50 years of presence, Multiquip has made a strong name for itself as a diverse manufacturer and supplier of world-class industrial products. Known for its steady, long-term growth and commitment towards investing and maintaining high quality, reliable products and exceptional customer service, Multiquip is a brand that spells performance and power. 

Multiquip Generators – a brief history 

Established in 1973, Multiquip provides a range of products including lightning and parts, construction equipment and power generators. Out of everything that Multiquip manufacturers, its range of diesel generators has surely come of its own. Ranging from 2.3 kW to 2,000 kW, its diesel generators are known for their unsurpassed reliability, efficiency and ultra-quiet performance. 

From the time of its inception, Multiquip has been at the forefront of producing innovative, performance incentive and cost-effective power solutions through its line of power generators. Multiquip’s commitment to producing refined power generation technology through constant innovation has allowed it to design and manufacture the most reliable products for a range of applications including construction sites, emergency backup, entertainment setups and military applications. 

Multiquip’s rise to popularity has been a result of a constant desire to produce the perfect generator that surpasses your expectation every single time. Multiquip strives to develop better technology and more efficient generators with every new line of products so that its clients can have the best power backup systems for their increasingly demanding power needs. 

Range of generators by Multiquip

Providing a wide range of generators, Multiquip is your perfect partner for your power needs. It provides: 

Studio generators (including MQ Power Generators and Studio Inverter Generators): These generators are usually preferred by the entertainment industry. Ranging from 1400 to 1600 amps, the Studion line can be modified or custom designed to suit specific needs. 

WhisperWatt Super-Silent and Export-Only Generators: Built to last even in the most challenging conditions, this series of generators are also highly customizable. Ranging from 7 kW to 600 kVA, the power and durable performance are endless in this series. 

DEF Replenishment Systems: The Multiquip diesel generators with DEF replenishment systems come with extended runtime as they are DEF level monitored that automatically refills DEF into the generator DEF tank.

Portable Generators: These include high-life portable generators are fit for several applications as they come filled with efficient and effective features. 

Choose the right Multiquip generator to fit your needs 

Diesel generators are truly the pillars of providing backup power. Their robust and reliable performance, the capability of providing cost-effective power backup and the durable design to perform even in the harshest weather conditions make them a popular choice for industrial and residential use. 

For equipment that provides such important support, you must ensure that you buy the right one. There are ample options for diesel generators available in the market, making the choice quite difficult. This is why it is advisable to partner with a professional like Power Generation Enterprises, a leader in structuring and facilitating sales of new and pre-owned power generation and marine power systems equipment of all sizes.

Our industry expertise and vast experience let us guide you to select the right generator. Not just that, we also make it possible as we have a huge inventory, providing you with ample options to choose from.

While there are several global brands that we deal with, one of the most preferred generators, popular amongst our clients is Multiquip generators. Whether you buy a new one or a pre-owned generator, these power performers prove to be effective power solutions for all your needs. 

So, if you are looking for a Multiquip generator, Contact Us. 

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