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A dream that an average American saw in the 1880s turned his fortune over to become a name synonymous with diesel engines and powerful generators. That's John Deere for you. For almost two centuries, John Deere has ruled the generator market with its quality performers that stand tall and deliver a relentless source of alternate power even in the most adverse conditions. Today, as the second largest manufacturer of a variety of products in the US ranging from farm machinery, military equipment and lawn tools, charms and catches for young minds. 

However, John Deere is a global phenomenon, renowned as a brand that produces quality products. Starting from the US, John Deere has now emerged as a force to reckon with the world over and even though their generators are not their frontline products, a John Deere story wouldn't be complete without them.

A long, interesting John Deere history

The name John Deere might be closely associated with tractors, but the brand is a lot more than that. Let's take a look at its brief history that will make it clear how John Deere rules the roost with a range of products and generators are one of them:

It was in 1837 when John Deere created his first plow using a broken saw blade. In the coming decades, the company expanded by producing tractors combines and cultivators while also manufacturing machine parts for various machinery to support the military during the war. 

In 1950, the brand added cotton pickers and hay balers to its repertoire. The 1960s saw John Deere add several more products including consumer lawn equipment and snowmobiles, etc. It continued to innovate with its farming products while keeping an edge over its competitors. 

John Deere Generators – power performers

Just like all of its other products, the John Deere generators are known for their reliable, uninterrupted and robust power supply. Widely used in both residential and commercial complexes, the John Deere generators come in multiple power options ranging from 42–755hp drive engines. Minimum downtime, continuous power supply and fuel-efficient performance are what these exceptional products are known for. John Deere generators enjoy an enviable reputation in both commercial and industrial circuits for their amazing performance capabilities that supply power when most products fail to deliver. 

The same has been the reason for several brands like Kohler using a John Deere engine to power their generators. There are many other brands that rely on the strength and robustness of John Deere engines to power marine, industrial and indoor generators. Its commitment to deliver an exceptional machine every single time has led to a growing race of consumers wanting to only purchase a John Deere and this is certainly unique to this brand. 

Despite such a huge product line, John Deere generators come with a lot of choices too. The brand is also committed to sustainability, producing non-emission-compliant EPA Tier 4 ratings matching the clean air requirements. Their sound attenuation is at par with the best in the world and their fuel efficiency makes these generators highly cost effective. 

Some of the most common John Deere generator features include: 

  • Weatherproof Enclosure

  • Auto Start/Stop Switch

  • Emergency Shutdown Switch

  • Dry Air Pack Cleaner

  • Amp Circuit Breaker

  • Tank Style Block Heater

  • Digital Generator Control Panel

  • Safe and secured Fuel Tank 

The above-listed features may vary in some of the other models, but most of these features are signature to John Deere. 

Choose the best John Deere generator

Being one of the market leaders for over 100 years is testimony to the quality and dependability John Deere generators bring to the table. The products are undeniably one of the best in the business, providing businesses, industrial and commercial units and homes across the world with alternate backup power. 

With such a huge product line, it can be difficult to choose which one is the right fit for you. While selecting one is tough, finding a dealer with expert insights about generators and the right inventory is an equally challenging task. So, if you are struggling to such a dealer, contact Power Generation Enterprises, an industry leader in structuring and facilitating sales of new and pre-owned power generation and marine power systems equipment of all sizes.

Our vast and strong worldwide network of manufacturers, dealers, suppliers and vendors, helps us capable of fulfilling all your business needs regarding generators. Whether you want to purchase a new generator or a pre-owned one, we have them all available with us. Our expert team members are well-versed in the technicalities, helping you choose the right fit for your needs at the most affordable price.

So, if you are looking for a John Deere gem, Contact Power Generation Enterprises and find your perfect match. 


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