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The journey of Doosan generators started back in 1896 in a small store in Seoul, Korea by Park Seung-jik. And since then, Doosan has grown to become an internationally renowned brand in the diesel generator manufacturing domain. In their over 100 years of journey, Doosan has seen several transformations, with every single step taking it closer to the quality and reliability they are now known for.

Its first step towards becoming the brand it is today saw the brand changing from Doosan to Doosan store. That was 1925, a year that became a landmark for the brand. Since then, Doosan has never looked back and has grown from strength to strength, achieving several landmarks in this remarkable journey. Currently, the brand is known across the world as Doosan Engineering & Construction with a huge portfolio of industries like construction, food and beverage machinery, media and a lot more. 

The conglomerate added three more business divisions in 2007: 

Ingersoll Rand US - manufactures portable air compressors and producers of engine driven airscrew generated compressed air

Bobcat – a brand that manufactures portable construction equipment like skid steer units, etc

Doosan Portable Power – This division manufactures generators, one of the mother brand’s most popular divisions. Their generators are specially designed to cater to over-the-road transportation facilities

In a step towards sustainability and environmental support, Doosan introduced 12 new product platforms in 2012 that solely focused on innovations and emission compliance. Their first line of production introduced Tier 4 Engines with a compliance status that allows generators and air compressors to operate well within the regulations set by the Clean Air Act. 

Doosan Portable Generators 

A portable generator is turnkey power equipment that can be placed on level ground to be connected to the grid for generating and delivering power. The engine and radiator of these generators are placed within a sound-attenuated enclosure, providing a low-noise level performance. A fuel tank is also mounted within this framework for better productivity. 

Since these Doosan generators are for over-the-road transportation, they are approved by the Department of Transportation and come ready to be connected to the truck through a ring and pintle or ball and hitch mechanism. You can check out Doosan Portable Power to find more information about their generators. 

Doosan generators are available in two different size categories and the brand also offers light tower combinations for construction sites. 

Doosan Generator Variables

The Doosan Generators are available in both kilovolt amperes and kilowatts. These two represent their size categories. The kilowatts represent the real unit of power while kilovolt amperes represent the apparent power. The kilowatt unit is most commonly used to denote the power of the generator.

Doosan offers 5 different generator sets in this power category. They are:

  • G150WCU - 123 kW portable generator
  • G190WCU -145 kW portable generator
  • G240WCU - 235 kW portable generator
  • G325WCU - 267 kW portable generator
  • G400WCU - 322 kW portable generator 

Each of these models comes with a different set of features and specifications associated with their respective sizes. The specs and features might be different, but each Doosan generator is built to last and deliver reliable and robust performance even in the most challenging conditions. 

That’s not all. Doosan generators are also known for their ease of usability, highly reduced noise creation, and unique 4-tier certification. Generally used to power various tools at construction sites, oilfield pumps and powering concerts, Doosan generators come in various power categories ranging from 25kw to 400kw. 

Range of Standard Doosan Generator Options 

Standard generator options can be described as options that are available across the entire range of products. These are: 

DOT-approved units: Equipped with necessary safety lighting and devices to provide ease of transportation to the work site.

Sound attenuation enclosure: Every unit comes with a specifically designed sound attenuation enclosure to reduce the noise level to the maximum level possible. 

Fuel tank: A fuel tank in every generator is sized according to the fuel requirement of the generator running at full load.

Monitoring and controls: Doosan provides easy-to-use control and monitoring package in line with the engine specifications. 

3 Position Selector Switch: The output selector switch comes with 3 different positions for different voltage selections. This position is determined by the generator model.

Some of the other features and specifications of Doosan generators can include: 

  • Dual Frequency Switch
  • Cummins Engine
  • Optional Tundra Package
  • Leroy Alternator
  • Dry pack air cleaner
  • 445-amp output circuit breaker

Doosan is a name that resonates with quality and durability. At Power Generation Enterprises, we provide a number of used and new Doosan generators for sale in the best condition and at affordable prices. Experienced and trustworthy, we make purchasing a diesel engine quick and easy. 

For more details, Contact Power Generation Enterprises

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