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It all began in 1920 when Kohler built its first generator. And since then, there has been no looking back for this globally renowned brand. Kohler started manufacturing generators to power its own line of plumbing products in rural America. However, its first breakthrough happened with Kohler partnered on an expedition to the South Pole, being the only source of power to the adventurers in subzero temperatures. In the same year, Kohler started powering Hollywood film sets and in 1931 it became part of American history when it provided energy during the building of the Hoover Dam, one of the most significant moments in US history. 

By now, Kohler had already made the US proud by powering some of the biggest firsts in the country’s history. However, what stamped its authority was when it started supplying generators and engines to the Allied Army during the Second World War. This is when the world woke up to the company’s might and ability to support the National needs. 

Today, Kohler generators are known for their reliable performance with powerful engines providing extended support during power outages. Be it homes, commercial buildings or industrial setups, a Kohler never fails to deliver uninterrupted power. And the best thing about Kohler generators is that every generator set is customized to meet your specific needs. They provide total integration for each of their installations, making everything work seamlessly despite the magnanimity of complexity of the project. 

Kohler Diesel Generators 

From small residential buildings to mega industrial setups, Kohler has a generator for all types of energy needs. The Kohler diesel generator product line ranges from 3.5kVA to 1800kVA, providing support to a wide variety of usages. Be it hospitals, airports, data centers or gas stations, a Kohler is the most common sight at all such establishments because it provides reliable backup power at the most affordable prices. 

Some of the standard features that most Kohler diesel generators are laced with include:

  • Diesel engines that are air-cooled
  • Single-bearing alternators
  • Frame-mounted fuel tank for long-lasting capacity
  • Inbuilt isolators for vibration control
  • Dry type air filter
  • Spin-on type fuel filter
  • DG isolator/ breaker
  • Starting battery and cables
  • KUT type connector
  • CPCB II-certified sound enclosure
  • Canopy with wheel and handle
  • Digital controller
  • Fuel level indicator Octa gauge & LED type display

Kohler has gained the enviable reputation it enjoys for all the several benefits it provides to its users. It provides one-source responsibility for all its generators and even accessories. All its components are built in their own factories, prototyped and tested multiple times to assure the best quality. The brand offers a fast response time to all your queries and grievances, they are extremely easy to maintain and come with a self-ventilated and drip-proof design. 

Kohler uses the highest grade of material and design quality to make the generators proficient and durable. From building an engine that outperforms most of its competitors, to extremely efficient exhaust systems, engine electrical systems, fuel systems, lubrication systems and control panels, Kohler generators provide top-of-the-line quality and performance. 

What makes Kohler diesel generators the best

As renowned Kohler generators are for their powerful and reliable engines, they are equally known for packing a powerful punch despite their small size. This is what makes them ideal for any space. Some of the other advantages Kohler provides include: 

  • High power performance

  • A global reputation for reliability

  • Compliance to the highest level of industry standards

  • Increased shelf life

  • Ease of instalment and operation

  • Ensure reduced downtime and increased productivity

  • Robustly built, reliable performance and affordable prices

  • Least lag time, enabling higher business continuity 

Diesel generators are the lifeline of industrial and commercial units. They provide much-needed backup power in case of an outage or harsh weather conditions, ensuring that your business continues to run as usual. Having a diesel generator on your premises will give you the assurance that no matter how tough and challenging the conditions are, they will continue to perform. 

However, you must ensure to buy a generator that fulfils your specific business power needs. There are so many options available in the market that making a choice can become extremely difficult. In such a scenario, you either make a decision based on your understanding or knowledge of diesel generators (which could be extremely limiting) or take professional help (a highly recommendable choice)

When you partner with a professional like Power Generation Enterprises, one of the leading dealers of new and pre-owned diesel generators, you get access to a variety of models, expert advice and the experience to understand your needs. We, at Power Generation Enterprises, provide expert guidance and support in making a perfect purchasing decision so that you get what you need in a hassle-free manner. 

So, if you are looking to buy a new or used diesel generator, Contact Us. 


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