New & Used Caterpillar Generators for Sale

Record selling statistics have catapulted Caterpillar to the top among generator manufacturers. Being the single most sold brand in generators, it is much sought after for performance, rating, and reliability.  Available in standby and backup modes of operation, Caterpillar generators are fueled by diesel and natural gas, and needless to say, conform to EPA guidelines.


Irrespective of the mode of operation, i.e. prime or standby, a generator should be a cost effective option, and never be a source of drain of funds like a white elephant. Caterpillar diesel generator and Caterpillar natural gas generators, by virtue of great performance and quality, offer optimized operations that are cost effective and efficient.


Free from interruptions, a Caterpillar generator is designed to take overloads admirably, smoothly generating the right load. Power outages can seriously dent business prospects, and a Caterpillar generator silently cranking out power, tucked away behind a business, is a gentle reassurance that everything is under control.


We, at Powergenenterprises, choose the brands we deal with after a careful consideration of various parameters. And Caterpillar, needless to say features prominently on the list of brands we hold. We hold arguably one of the most extensive inventories of different configurations and classes of generators, both new and used. With portable models turning out to be workhorses in demand, we offer a large number of portable generators on sale. We also offer a wide range of used caterpillar generators for sale like caterpillar diesel generator and caterpillar natural gas generators.


If you are looking for any used generator that is as good as new, then we can source the best one for you. Before we put any refurbished generator on sale, we go to great lengths to determine its efficiency and expected life cycle. This lends the used generators in our inventory a quality that is difficult to match in terms of cost and quality.


The standby and backup generators of Caterpillar on sale meet exacting standards that are both internal and regulatory in nature. The tag earned as the largest selling brand in generators is also reflected in the extensive grid of technical support. With an armada of technicians to offer expert assistance, a caterpillar generator is never away from receiving timely maintenance.


If you wish to possess one of these performers, who else but Powergenenterprises can help you get the best one?