New & Used Cummins Generators

A pioneer in diesel generators, Cummins is globally acknowledged as manufacturers of high performance diesel generators. Owing to its superior machines, a Cummins diesel generator is the first choice among the better informed.


At Powergenenterprises, the association with quality across all parameters has made Cummins diesel generators a natural choice to feature on our inventory.  We hold an extensive and diverse range of diesel and natural gas generators, catering to both operational modes such as standby and backup.


We are best qualified to assess and help clients meet requirements through the sale of new and used generators. Portable models that meet specific requirements feature prominently on our inventory.


‘Power hungry’ operations require not just the availability of power, but uninterrupted power. This is where the technological prowess of the machines are tested. And Cummins admirably excels, primarily due to its superior-in-class capacity ratings, ability to take overloads, optimized frequency, and system configuration. 


Guaranteed smooth and trouble free performance translates into negligible downtime that aids businesses in routine operations. A standby and backup generator needs to be fully compliant with EPA requirements, and every generator that negotiates its way through the Cummins assembly line is rigorously tested for compliance.


At Powergenenterprises, the focus has always been on making available the entire range of products to meet diverse applications of clients across requirements such as residential, commercial and portable.  Consequently, the configurations available typically range from 10KW to 220KW, within which most requirements feature.


With fuels costs fluctuating globally, we, at Powergenenterprises, have recognized the need to make available all possible combinations. Natural gas, apart from diesel generators is widely used as fuel, which offers buyers different combinations in terms of efficiency, output, noise etc. 


Manned by a team of highly trained technicians, the support vertical at Powergenenterprises assists clients in making the right decisions. Assessment, advice and support is of the highest standards, which makes buying or selling equipment a satisfactory experience.


Head over to Powergenenterprises, if you have a requirement for the Cummins advantage in generators. We offer the widest range at reasonable rates, including refurbished generators, backed by technical support .