Cummins KTA19 Generator

                                                                      CUMMINS KTA19 GENERATOR

One of the best suited power generation systems for continuous power applications, the Cummins KTA19 Generator offers unmatched performance, reliability, and versatile functionality for all kinds of industrial uses.This beast of a machine, with all the necessary electricals, has what it takes to cater to your equipment’s power cravings.

    Cummins KTA19 Generator - Key Specs and Highlights

  • 4-cycle, spark-ignition engines and a torque-matching mechanism for recovering from the transient loads.
  • Cummins PowerCommand electronic control for remote start/stop, automatic shutdown on fault detection, metering of output, etc.
  • AC alternator with high motor-starting kVA capacity
  • Built-in electronic voltage regulator with the option of three-phase sensing
  • Low exhaust emission, built-in exhaust silencers and special housing for noise reduction
  • Mighty alternator with fault-clearing short-circuit capabilities and UL1446 Listed electronic insulation

     Cummins KTA19 Generator - Functional benefits

  • Unparalleled voltage regulation with extreme precision under steady-state or transient loads
  • Efficient motor-starting mechanism to safeguard your equipment against unexpected voltages and optimize fuel consumption.
  • Additional genset housing and protective shield systems available for ensuring optimum performance in extreme conditions
  • Low levels of emission and operational noise ensure environmental parameters are adequately met.
  • Stringent quality testing of each unit in under rated load and power settings
  • Brilliant customization options, configuration settings and wide range of accessories and services from Cummins to match your specific power generation needs.

Cummins KTA19 Generator - Power Generator Enterprises Inc.

With utmost dedication towards providing the best quality industrial gensets to customers, Power Generator Enterprises Inc. highly recommends this Cummins generator for your power generation and backup uses. We understand that the operations and processes in industrial units need uninterrupted power in order to stay at optimum, stabilized levels. Trust our extensive experience in power generation equipment and choose to buy your Cummins KTA19 genset from us. Technical suitability, reliable service, and unbeatable prices – THAT is our USP. Get in touch with our engineers and customer reps today for a quote!

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