Cummins QST30 Generators 

                                                                              CUMMINS QST30 GENERATORS

Choose efficient power solutions for your industrial equipment running on low voltage or on shortage of power, by purchasing the Cummins QST30 Generators. Power Generator Enterprise Inc. recommend installation of the Cummins QST30 Generators across all your industrial setups for uninterrupted power supply in case there is fluctuation in grid voltages, grid failure, inadequate power or other causes of power deficit in your industrial setup. Let’s see why this particular genset by Cummins is the right choice.

The Cummins QST30 Generators – Key specs and highlights

  • kW/kVA specifications from 750/938 to 2000/2500, covering all possible ranges of equipment power needs.
  • Industrial diesel engines with 4-cycle operation.
  • NFPA 110 Level 1 compliant.
  • DDC enabled, tier III and IV uptime compliant for continuous power supply for unlimited number of hours, for varying and steady electrical loads.
  • PowerCommand control system offering complete genset integration including special features like automated start/stop, alarms, etc.

The Cummins QST30 Generators – Key functional benefits

  • The engines are built to be rugged and environmentally responsible by giving off low amount of emissions even though running on a fuel like diesel.
  • The alternator comes in various sizes and pitch windings, equipped with short circuit capability to clear faults, and keeps waveform distortion low in case there are no-linear loads.
  • Highly efficient frequency voltage regulation, a screen to display status and notifications, and fault-detection auto-shutdown mechanism.
  • Standard cooling system which is tested for rated ambient temperatures.

The Cummins QST30 Generators – Power Generator Enterprises Inc.

Because industrial power needs to be stable and continuous, the Cummins QST30 Generators are highly recommended by Power Generator Enterprise Inc. as the right choice for your heavy-duty industrial power needs. Power Generator Enterprises Inc. tirelessly work towards provision of only the best-in-class power solutions to customers.


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