Caterpillar and Cummins Natural Gas Generators For Sale

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 Shrinking supply of petroleum products has accelerated the need to turn to other sources of fuel for operating generators.

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Natural gas has many benefits associated with its use as a fuel, most of which are related to the environment and costs. At Power Generation Enterprises, we care for the environment and consequently, we promote the use of natural gas generators wherever suitable.

Why Should You Invest in a Natural Gas Generator?

Natural gas generators are at par with diesel generators in many categories, and function in both standby and backup modes and are easily portable. With periodic servicing spaced out over longer periods, natural gas generators permit users to have longer run time between servicing downtime. 

The branded generators like Cummins & Caterpillar natural gas generators are best in performance and efficiency and thus are preferred by most industries.

One of the advantages of these generators is that the site where the generators are intended to be installed need not be specially prepared. This paves the way for a quick purchase and installation to commence operations.  At Power Generation Enterprises, we hold an impressive range of Cummins & Caterpillar natural gas generators to meet clients' specific requirements. This includes customization of the new and used generators that we offer on sale.

These highly efficient generators operate with lower costs over the entire life cycle, making them a financially attractive option, which deserves to be mulled over.  The leaps in technology have helped to make these generators more efficient, with desired power ratings and load capacity.

Natural gas generators produce less noise than compared with other generators in addition to being the cleanest fossil fuels that can be burnt. The new and used generators that we offer on sale, leave a reduced carbon footprint, apart from negligible spillage of oils. The portable gas generators also do not leave an odor that permeates the atmosphere.

Benefits of Cummins Model Generators

If you choose to buy a Cummins Natural Gas Generator, you can rest assured to enjoy the following benefits

  • Low vibration and low noise
  • Adopt in-line cylinder block design
  • Stable operation and high efficiency
  • Replaceable wet cylinder liner ensuring easy maintenance;
  • Imerative features like two cylinders with one cover, four valves per cylinder, full air intake, forced water cooling, and small thermal radiation
  • Dry-type air filter and an air resistance indicator offering guaranteed performance
  • Gear centrifugal water pump for forced water cooling ensuring reduced heat radiation and noise
  • A high load surge capacity of the generator up to a whopping 80%
  • Intesified alloy & casting cylinder, as well as Ferrous Cast Ductile (FCD) piston offering improved rigidity performance of the engine
  • Good fuel economy, thanks to advanced fuel control system and specially-designed piston top chamber, aided by high pressure fuel injection
  • Excellent transient performance

Benefits of Caterpillar Model Generator

If you opt for Caterpillar Natural Gas Generator, you will be able to revel in the following benefits -

  • A wide output range of 9kW to 600 kW
  • Optimal performance of the engine, owing to the individual testing of every component before assembly, and the complete unit testing after assemble with 100% of rated load
  • Most advanced engine control technology
  • High efficiency, thanks to low operating and installation costs
  • High-end Total Plant and Energy Management (TPEM) system.
  • Optional weather and sound attenuated enclosures.

Did you know?

The Cat G3520 2.5 MW Natural Gas Generator is essentially the first quick start and loading EPA certified 2.5MW generator set! It is known to start and accept load in 7.5 seconds. It accepts 100% load in one step and the engine can fully recover after dropping 100% of the load, in the most seamless manner possible!

Why Buy a Natural Gas Generator from Power Generation Enterprises?

Buying a diesel engine or a natural gas generator for your business is a significant investment. Therefore, you have all the right to wonder, whether it is the right choice to purchase your chosen CAT or Cummins models from Power Generation Enterprises!

Well, let us help put your worries to rest!

First things first, we contact seller to know all about the machine, its maintenance, and its current condition.

Besides, when you buy a used natural gas generator from a reputable dealer like us, you can rest assured that the engine goes through extensive testing before being put up for sale.

If and when required, parts like water pump, oil pump, oil coolers, manifolds, rocker arms, etc. are either remanufactured as per the Manufacturer's specifications or are replaced with new parts.

Same is the case with rubber hoses, o-rings, bearings, bushings, seals, gaskets, freeze plugs, filters, and thermostats. The replacement parts, in this case, may either be new or prequalified. In any case, all castings, components as well as engine parts are thoroughly cleaned and NDT inspected. This ensures that any cracks and or other indications can be looked into in a timely manner.

Finally, the engine is dynamometer tested to inspect its performance and conduct quality control!

All of this combined ensures that you can, and should, invest in a used diesel generator! Not only will it help you save money, but will also ensure that your facility has the much-needed luxury of power backup!

Every generator we deal in is compliant with the US and global standards.

Buy the Best-In-Class Natural Gas Generator For Sale today!

If you wish to have an alternate source of supply for businesses or residences, to cope up with outages on the power grid, then going in for a standby or backup gas generator would be a good choice. 

At Powergenenterprises, our motto has always been to ensure that a generator with the right configuration, from the best brand and at a reasonable price is made available to buyers for trouble-free and reliable operations. Right from the ease of purchase, to timely and hassle-free delivery of the generator to your location, we will facilitate it all!

If you too wish to purchase industrial or commercial grade equipment hailing from the house of Cummins, Caterpillar, MTU Onsite Energy, Generac etc., then request your requirement now, Click Here!


FAQs about Caterpillar Natural Gas Generators

Are natural gas generators worth it?

Compared with other generators fueled by petroleum and coal, natural gas generators are cost-effective in operation and environmentally friendly. Nevertheless, these are not as flexible as the others and are not suitable solutions for each application.

What is the cost of a natural gas generator?

The dealer estimates that the generator will cost $1,200 / kilo if the generator is bought, installed, and maintained. If the cost were separate from installation, then a small company would probably spend between $300-$600 on the installation of a generator.

Is it cheaper to run a generator on natural gas?

For gas generators, the fuel consumption per kWh was 7.41 Ft3 or $0.08 per kWh. It is comparatively lower at 0.0399/kWh.

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