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Power Generator Enterprises Inc. have Caterpillar rental generators ready for you, in tough times when you are facing generator maintenance, relocating to a new site or recovering from a disaster. You need a solution that will fill up this gap between generator outage or unavailability and its restoration. What is so special and different about Caterpillar rental generators that makes them the savior of the day?

Caterpillar rental generators – Key specs and highlights

  • Designed precisely for hassle-free transportation and quick installation, Caterpillar’s rental power solutions offer you a wide range of power ratings, right from 20 kWe to 2000 kWe.
  • These gensets are rated to work with both frequencies – 50 and 60 Hz.
  • These gensets are available for applications in standby, prime, and continuous power requirements.

Caterpillar rental generators – Key functional benefits

  • These generators can be used across various industries, no matter what your requirement is – oil and gas, manufacturing, mining, marine, healthcare, chemical, utilities, telecom, contractors, and events.
  • Rental generators can be a handy power source for you when you have a new project to work on.
  • Based on your requirement, you have many models to select from, depending on rating, application, voltage, and other parameters.

Caterpillar rental generators – Power Generator Enterprises Inc.

Power Generator Enterprises Inc. bring only the best brands of power solutions to the market, ensuring customer satisfaction even with used models. Speaking of the brand Caterpillar, it has, again, bestowed the world with a big convenience that can be easily renamed, “Portable power”. These rental generators offer power when you need it and where you need it. Rental generators make a highly workable makeshift arrangement until the time you arrange a more permanent power source. Easily transport and install your power anywhere – that is all what this is about. Make your purchase from Power Generator Enterprises Inc. today!

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