Detroit Diesel 12v92 and Its Special Features

Detroit is one of the brands you should consider when you need a reliable diesel engine. One of its best products is the 12v92, a two-cycle diesel engine that has a displacement of 18.1 liters or 1104 cubic inches. Seven main bearings are in the engine, along with a 4.84-inch bore and a 5-inch stroke. The fuel capacity ranges from 28 to 36 quarts, and with filters, the capacity may be lowered slightly at 26.5 to 34.1 quarts. While the turbocharged engine’s capacity is 38 quarts, a minimum of 26.5 quarts can already ensure proper operation. Certain features have made the Detroit diesel 12v92 a good option for a robust and dependable diesel engine. Here are some of them:

  • Easy operation - The engines come with a left-hand or right-hand crankshaft rotation. You can mount the oil cooler on the right side.
  • Oil coolers – Both engines in the Detroit Diesel 12v92 are equipped with lubricating oil filters. They have a fuel oil filter, strainer, heat exchangers, and air cleaners, too. That way, you do not have to worry about the engine overheating and malfunctioning. Full pressure lubrication is delivered to the connecting rod, camshaft bearings, and other moving parts in the engine. There is a gear-type pump to draw the oil from the pan through the intake screen, into the oil filter, and to an oil cooler. From there, the oil goes through passages that are linked with the cylinder head and block’s oil galleries to be distributed to the functional parts, like the rocker arm mechanism and bearings.
  • Cleaner – The air for combustion and scavenging is delivered by a blower, which pumps the air into the cylinders through cylinder liner ports and an air box. This way, all the air that enters the blower will go through the air cleaner.
  • Electric start – Detroit Diesel 12v92 has an electric starting system, which is powered by a stored battery. There is a battery-charging generator in a suitable voltage regulator to keep the battery efficiently charged.
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