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If you are looking for a generator that is reliable, durable, efficient and consumes less fuel, your search might come to an end with Detroit Diesel Generators.

At Power Generator Enterprises we have a wide range of used Detroit Diesel generators for sale.

What's more? Our range of Detroit Generators is priced such that you can enjoy great returns on your investment!

Detroit Diesel - Key Specs and highlights

  • The new and used Detroit Diesel generator sets are available in a variety of reliable power options – from 200 kW to 500 kW.
  • All the Detroit Diesel generator sets at Power Generation Enterprises have three-phase power.
  • The generators manufactured by Detroit Diesel Corporation employ their very own diesel engines, which are highly fuel-efficient and a customer favorite.
  • These generators can be used for applications of standby, prime, and emergency power requirements – our professionals can help determine the size you need.

Detroit Diesel Generator - Key functional benefits

  • The applications of these generator sets extend through many industries like oil and gas, power and construction.
  • The Detroit Diesel brand benefit is already unbeatable – Detroit Diesel Corporation has been known to make engines, transmission systems, and axles that are hailed for their superior performance all around the world.

Detroit Diesel Generators at Power Generator Enterprises Inc.

New and used generators – both variants available at Power Generator Enterprises Inc. are thoroughly tested for functionality, performance, and condition before they are put on sale. Not only do we have a wide assortment of Detroit Diesel Generators in terms of configurations and power ratings, you can also expect high-quality offerings when purchasing from us! Needless to say, the generators of Detroit Diesel make are just as powerful as their other technology. Get great deals on Power Generator Enterprises Inc.

If you too wish to purchase a heavy duty industrial or commercial Detroit diesel power generation set, then get in touch with us right away, and our team of experts will gladly help you make the right choice. Click Here to place your request!

Frequently Asked Questions About Detroit Diesel Generators

How long does a Detroit Diesel Generator last?

Detroit Diesel Generators can easily last for an impressive 20,000 to 25,000 hours on average. In fact, when maintained attentively the lifespan can be extended up to 30,000 hours!

What is the advantage of using the Detroit Diesel Generator?

One of the most significant advantages of the Detroit Diesel Generators is that it provides an exceptionally long-lasting back up for business and industrial setups. Then again, the high-quality and robust built as well as the low-maintenance requirements of these diesel generators make the

Detroit diesel generators provide long-lasting backup or primary power for your home or business. Since the Detroit brand is high quality, built and tested by the highest of industry standards, and well known in the marketplace, these generators provide thousands of hours of power with little to no maintenance.

What are the drawbacks of Detroit Diesel Engines?

As exceptional as the Detroit Diesel Engines are, especially in terms of their durability and performance, there are two aspects where the engines usually lack. These include - spun bearings and leaking exhaust manifolds. That said, regular inspection and maintenance of the engine can ensure that these problems can be contained right at the beginning so that they do not hamper the functioning.

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