Detroit Diesel Generator


                                                                                                     DETROIT DIESEL GENERATOR


If you are looking for a generator that is reliable, durable, efficient, and consumes less fuel, Detroit Diesel Generator is your answer. At Power Generator Enterprise Inc. you will be able to purchase new and used generator sets of Detroit Diesel make for a very good price.

Detroit Diesel Generator – Key specs and highlights

  • The new and used Detroit Diesel generator sets are available in a variety of power options – you can get models from 200 kW to 500 kW.
  • All these generator sets have three-phase power.
  • Some of their models come in a weather-proof casing to help them go the extra mile when the nature tries not to allow it. You don’t need to worry if your interior space cannot accommodate such a huge machine.
  • The generators manufactured by Detroit Diesel Corporation employ their very own diesel engines, which are highly fuel efficient and a customer favorite.
  • These generators can be used for applications of standby, prime, and emergency power requirements – you would just need to select a suitable model among so many that they have.

Detroit Diesel Generator – Key functional benefits

  • The applications of these generator sets extend through many industries like oil and gas, power and construction.
  • The Detroit Diesel brand benefit is already unbeatable – Detroit Diesel Corporation has been known to make engines, transmission systems, and axles which are hailed for their superior performance all around the world.

Detroit Diesel Generator – Power Generator Enterprises Inc.

New and used – both variants available at Power Generator Enterprises Inc. are thoroughly tested for functionality, performance, and condition before they are put on sale. You can expect good quality when purchasing from this name. Needless to say, the generators of Detroit Diesel make are just as powerful as their other technology. Get great deals on Power Generator Enterprises Inc.

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