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Diesel engines are legendary in terms of generating greater power. This has lent diesel engines a much sought after status.  Various parameters including thermal efficiency in the compression ignition help to determine the capacity of the engine. With multiple advantages over other combustion engines, diesel engines have morphed into modern marvels of engineering, from the first one conceived more than a hundred and twenty years back.

At Power Generator Enterprises, we sell brands that are synonymous with quality. Cummins and Caterpillar diesel engines are renown on a global scale for reliable performance. We offer both cat diesel engines for sale and cummins diesel engines for sale. The new and used industrial diesel engines that we offer for sale include the portable models that have increased in demand.

Of the many advantages that a diesel engine has over other engines are fuel efficiency and longer life cycle. The absence of external ignition in the form of spark plugs and wires lends a greater amount of security in addition to keeping maintenance and replacement costs lower.

The new and used diesel engines that we sell or source, conform to the highest standards in terms of quality and efficiency.  Compliant with international and all US standards, the Cummins and Caterpillar diesel engines by themselves set standards of quality for others to follow.

With the changing face of business, where more and more businesses are lean models operating at higher efficiency, the need for portable diesel engines has increased exponentially. 

The versatility of diesel engines is their capability to accommodate super, or turbo charged pressure limitlessly, subject to the strength of components. Every Cummins and Caterpillar engine offered for sale by us comprises of the finest components, and are sturdy and rugged products of engineering. This guarantees the buyer of reliable and trouble free operations.

Designed to outperform and outlast other engines, diesel engines have powered global industries through progress.  At Powergenenterprises, the emphasis is on quality at reasonable prices. This is primarily one of the reasons, why we are leaders in offering the best used diesel engines for sale.

If you are one of those in business who has a need for a high performance diesel engine, then we have the perfect solution for you.

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Caterpillar Caterpillar 3508 - 850 Kw Diesel Generator | Caterpillar XQ225 - 225 Kw Diesel Generator | Caterpillar C27 - 750 Kw Diesel Generator | Caterpillar XQ100 - 100kW Rental Grade Portable Generator | Caterpillar C9 - 250kW Diesel Generator Set | Caterpillar C18 - 600kW Tier 2 Rental Grade Power Module
Cummins Cummins N14 - 350KW Diesel Generator Set | Cummins KTA50-G2 - 1500 Kw Diesel Generator | Cummins KTA38 - 1000KW Diesel Generator Set
Doosan NEW Doosan G570 - 450KW Tier 4 FINAL CARB Diesel Power Module
Multiquip  Multiquip DCA400SSI4F - 350KW Tier 4FINAL/CARB Rental Generator