Steps to Be Followed While Operating Industrial Grade Volvo Generator

Volvo generators are designed to perform in the most demanding applications that require reliable standby or prime power. While they are built to be durable and rugged, it still makes sense to follow proper operating instructions to ensure their best performance. Here are some steps to follow while operating an industrial grade Volvo generator:

  • Placement – Your Volvo generator must be in a well-ventilated area, not an enclosed space. It must be placed on a level and firm surface as it should not move around during operation. You may want to connect an outdoor-rated and heavy-duty power cord to the generator, or plug equipment directly into it.
  • Powering up – Check the fuel level. If it needs fuel, make sure that the generator has been cooled down. Make sure that you fill only to the appropriate level and avoid over-filling. Check the oil level, filter, and voltage selector, too. Switch off the circuit breaker and turn on the power switch. A generator must warm up before you turn the circuit breaker on again.
  • Safety tips – Avoid operating the generator with wet or moist hands, and make sure that the unit is not in an enclosed area where carbon monoxide can accumulate. Moreover, make sure that the generator is away from water heaters that run on natural gas.
  • Proper care – Certain steps must be followed to keep the industrial grade Volvo generator in good condition. Practice the basics, like not overfilling the gas and not using contaminated or stale fuel. Likewise, make sure no water or dirt goes into the fuel tank. The fuel valve must be switched off if you need to transfer the generator to another place. This way, the fuel will not dilute the engine oil and damage the engine in the process. Remember to change the filter and oil regularly, too.

In case you are using the generator for stand-by power, consider running it at least once a month to lubricate the engine, let fresh fuel through the carburetor, and recharge the battery. You may need to drain the fuel if you intend to stop using the generator for over two months.