The Benefits of Owning a Diesel Generator

Diesel generators can be the ideal power source for your business, especially if your working conditions are typically rugged and require longer hours of powering your tools and machinery. Hence, they are typically preferred compared to other kinds of generators. Knowing the benefits of owning a diesel generator can help you understand how it can be advantageous to your business, savings, and productivity. Here are some of these benefits:

  • Fuel efficiency – A diesel generator can go on for hours on a full tank because it uses less fuel. Some diesel generators use only half the amount of the fuel while functioning at full capacity. This means you can save money by not having to constantly refuel within a few hours or days.
  • Diesel is cost-effective – The fuel that diesel generators use to run is considered more cost-effective compared to hydro carbon fuels because it does not require spark plugs or carburetors to run. This way, maintenance costs can be reduced on a diesel generator. In most cases, you only need to change the oil routinely and clean the unit as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Diesel generators last longer – Because there are fewer parts to worry about, diesel generators are more likely to last longer and provide a reliable source of emergency power in case of an outage. 
  • It is safer – There are no spark plugs, so diesel generators are less flammable and they are not likely to catch fire easily.
  • Manufacturers are making them quieter and more reliable – Reputable manufacturers of diesel generators, like Caterpillar and Cummins, are using newer technologies to make high-quality units that can operate quietly and require lesser maintenance. Hence, you can count on the diesel generator to be more dependable and robust.
  • It can be cheaper to buy – You have the option to get a pre-owned or refurbished diesel generator if you want to save money or you do not have much of a budget for a brand new unit.