Things You Didn't Know About Volvo Penta Diesel Generator

Volvo Penta is not only known for their wide range of internal combustion engines but also for their diesel generators. Their products are admired for their ruggedness and longevity. Their diesel generators are classified into two: prime power and standby power. A prime power Volvo Penta diesel generator is suitable for areas that need a dependable source of power in order to operate, while the standby power version is for emergency applications.  Generally, all their generators can offer the following benefits:

Low consumption, emissions, and noise level

Volvo diesel generators are manufactured using the most advanced technology and high-quality parts. You can expect nothing less than electronic RPM controls, well-tuned fuel systems, advanced combustion chambers, and low revolution fans to lower the fuel consumption, emissions, and reduce noise during operation.


Every diesel generator made by Volvo Penta, whether prime or standby, is designed to fulfill energy demands without compromise. They are no doubt reliable for lifetime use.

Easy maintenance

Some models have replaceable parts like valve seats, valve control, and wet cylinder liners, which translates to easier maintenance and lower running costs. But of course, these units still need regular service intervals to ensure lifetime use.

Easy assembly or installation

All new Volvo Penta generators can be delivered to your place with a sturdy frame and a cooling package. The cabling is already assembled, too. This lifts the burden of installation procedures and allows you to use the generator right away once it is connected to the engine.

Volvo Penta generators can be used for both commercial and industrial purposes. With their diesel generators, you can rest easy knowing that you will always have enough power for continuous and uninterrupted operations. Buying pre-owned Volvo Penta generators is the way to go if you want to cut costs. But of course, you have to make sure that the company that you are dealing with is reliable. If you are buying used generators, look online for companies with years of experience in selling diesel generators and other power equipment as well.