Volvo Penta Diesel Generator



                                                                                    VOLVO PENTA DIESEL GENERATOR


Power Generator Enterprises Inc. offer you great prices and considerable savings on new and used Volvo Penta Generators.

Volvo Penta Generators – Key specs and highlights

  • Volvo Penta offers generators in a wide range of power outputs, both for standby and prime power applications.
  • The new and used standby generator options include power ratings from as low as 76 kWe to as high as 625 kWe.
  • The gensets feature a dual frequency switch to operate either on 1500 rpm or 1800 rpm.

Volvo Penta Generators – Key functional benefits

  • With available casings for protection from weather, these generators can be placed outside without any worries.
  • They come with a tropical cooling system, ensuring that heat control is not a problem when under operation.
  • The Volvo Penta gensets are certified emission compliant – meaning, you don’t have to worry about environmental regulations.
  • The engines perform at low noise levels.

Volvo Penta Generators – Power Generator Enterprises Inc.

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