Waukesha Natural Gas Generator


                                                         WAUKESHA NATURAL GAS GENERATOR


A natural gas generator is a generator that uses natural gas as its fuel. Power Generator Enterprises Inc. have new and used Waukesha natural gas generators available online.

Waukesha natural gas generators – Key specs and highlights

  • They are available in 6, 12, and 16 cylinder versions.
  • The greatest benefits of these new and used natural gas generators is that their ratings conform to ISO 3046/1.
  • These gensets display a 90% mechanical efficiency at a power factor of 0.8.
  • They are available at power ratings ranging from 875 – 1400 kWe.
  • They are also available in an alternative fuel option of HD-5 propane.

Waukesha natural gas generators – Key functional benefits

  • These generators come with VHP engines that are built sturdy, last long and are known for their durability.
  • These engines give the generator the quality of low emissions no matter what the application is, and make the generator tolerant to hot fuel.
  • Waukesha natural gas generators can work with the hottest of field gases.

Waukesha natural gas generators – Power Generator Enterprises Inc.

Power Generator Enterprises, Inc. understand environmental responsibility and believe in doing their part for the earth. Consisting majorly of methane, using natural gas in heavy-duty power production operations, which generally cause high pollution with other fuels, makes complete sense. For this purpose, Waukesha natural gas generators are the right choice. Make your purchase from Power Generator Enterprises Inc. for a fair price. With environmental responsibility resting on everyone’s shoulders, it has become necessary to turn to cleaner resources for producing power.

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