Natural Gas Engines for Sale

Having earned a reputation as one of the cleanest form of energy that is used in combustion engines, hydrocarbon aka natural gas engines have evolved to high performance machines.  With industry running on the power of engines, the role of natural gas engines is growing exponentially.

At Power Generation Enterprises Inc., we recognize the need for ensuring that the environment is saved from extensive damage. Consequently, we have promoted the sale of natural gas engines in categories and applications wherever suitable. Different engines suit different operations better and a natural gas engine is slotted to work with high efficiency in the 10KW to 50 MW.

We offer on sale, brands that the industry has recognized as leaders due to the technological and manufacturing prowess, in addition to being two of the oldest in the sector. Caterpillar and Cummins, two behemoths in the power generation industry roll out the best natural gas engines for sale and our association with these two majors helps us to serve clients better with the best models.

The performance of an engine is measured by certain parameters in addition to compliance to various standards. Higher heating value, thermal efficiency and lower heating value of engines contribute to the determination of the efficacy of the engine. Designed to operate with higher efficiency and lower consumption, the engines are reliable and help in minimizing the damage to the environment.

While the role and need for natural gas engines exists across industries in a similar fashion, budgetary constraints limit the capability of businesses to purchase new engines.  Powergenenterprises offers solutions to businesses to acquire portable used gas engines that operate with similar efficiency as new ones. The widespread grid of contacts and information from the industry regarding the availability of surplus portable engines, helps our team to source and sell the best engines.

Every new and used natural gas engine that we offer on sale will carry with it the technological superiority of the biggest players in the industry, Caterpillar and Cummins, supported by the highly qualified technical team of Powergenenterprises.

We help businesses that have a need for natural gas engines, by assessing and helping in the acquisition of what can be easily termed as an asset.