The real meaning of ‘time is money’ is universally understood by business owners. Facing the consistent issue of electric outages, they know the losses associated with the problem. In such a scenario, cheap generators might seem a lucrative option to consider. Regardless of how great the option seems, it is essential to refrain from buying a generator based solely on price. We can provide ten reasons why we stand with this opinion.  

Importance of Generators in Industries

Industrial Generator

The generators are important in industrial and business settings for the following purposes: 

  • Supplies power during insufficient grid supply or blackouts 
  • Easy installation and longer life span 
  • Works with higher efficiency if maintained properly and regularly 
  • Offers cost-effective solutions through the interruptionless power supply 
  • Available in a variety with different fuels, power outings, types of generated current, and others 
  • Option to use them as standby generators during normal electric supply 
  • Capable of supporting the main power supply 
  • Suitable for all industries such as healthcare, construction, manufacturing, mining, oil and gas, and other types of industries

10 Reasons Not to Buy Cheapest Generators 

Here are the points that make us give you the recommendation: 

  1. Short Operational Life 

A generator from a reputed company will come with an estimate of its running life. Regardless of the new or used type of generator, the number of operational hours will have an impact in determining its worth. These are reliable numbers to consider when making a decision to buy. With the usage of quality and branded components in its assembly, the possibility of wear and tear, friction, manufacturing defects, problems due to imperfect size of parts, cheap quality parts, breakage, and others does not arise. The absence of these factors contributes to the longer operational life of reputed generators compared to the cheap ones. 

  1. More Pollution 

With generators being a remarkable contributor to pollution in industrial settings, the laws and regulations are serious about their impact. The requirement to adhere to the guidelines and curate the designs specifically to control pollution makes the quality and genuine generators stand out. The cheapest generators do not promise lower pollution; they are the cause of high pollution. With pollution, we consider both air and noise pollution. Hence, cheap generators will not only contribute to pollution but may also lead to fines for breaking laws and regulations. 

  1. Poor Generator Warranty 

If you invest in something as grand as a generator, you would want long-term support from the company. The reputed companies generally offer warranties ranging from 2 to 5 years. However, the cheapest generators fail by offering it for up to 2 years. The reputed companies also offer extended warranties at competitive prices to ensure longer support for their products. 

Further, the quality of the warranty also matters. While reputed companies offer every service in the warranty period, the companies offering cheap generators may not have similar facilities. Rather, they are most likely to provide partial warranty coverage, which may involve one or fewer combinations of labor, servicing, and parts replacement. 

  1. Low Efficiency 

The quality generators belonging to good companies have been proven to be efficient based on rigorous testing. They have passed numerous quality checks and are certain to work better than promised. The cheapest generators from non-reputed or local brands will pose higher running costs to the owner. The constant wear and tear and cheap quality parts will contribute to poor efficiency, which may interrupt the functionality. 

  1. Low-Standard Output

The generators from reputed brands are known for quality output and constant power generation. Practically, the cheapest generators are seen to provide poor quality output with interruptions in power supplies. They may also fail to provide the functionality at the exact time of need. The cheapest generators are labeled to produce ‘dirty power.’ It not only hampers productivity but adds to losses. The unstable power source can damage the appliances with current and voltage fluctuations. The reputed and accurately priced generators are associated with clean output. 

  1.  Fuel Efficiency 

It is the redundant cost associated with any generator, regardless of their pricing. The low quality or cheap generators are certain and have even been witnessed to consume more fuel. It stands true on the condition of generating the same power. Further, apart from increasing the fuel bills, they will also increase the operational costs and will run slow. Hence, one can not expect to have a cheap generator and savings simultaneously, especially when considering fuel expenditures. 

  1. Safety Concerns

Working in industrial settings, any chosen product must comply with workers’ safety. Damage due to equipment like a generator can lead to harm to many. The mentioned may occur through carbon monoxide leak, fire, electric shock, explosion, or other gas leaks posing health risks to nearby individuals. Shocks or current faults may also be transferred to all the users working on the machines. The scenario is most generally witnessed through the cheapest generators. The branded generators are designed in alignment with such concerns to deliver safety in extreme conditions. 

  1. Maintenance Costs 

After warranty completion, the owners are concerned about expenditures for the maintenance of generators. Being well aware of the complete maintenance costs helps you decide the perfect product for your needs. Considering the reputed brand, the maintenance costs will be at a specific period and of power frequency. While this occurs when considering the real-life experience of top-quality generators, the contract actually happens with cheap generators. The frequent maintenance requirements due to regular problems in operation and poor efficiency add to the high expenditures of the owners. 

  1. Non-functional Customer Support 

Well-established brands are concerned about their market reputation. Since it is the driving factor for their growth, they invest in the sector and strive to provide immediate resolution to their queries. The cheapest brands get high profits from simply selling their products. Their customer support is generally useless, leaving equipment owners on their own. To avoid such a hassle, the finest choice is to choose the reputed brand with a good one-time investment over the equipment. 

  1.  Inefficient and Unreliable

The cheapest generators often also exhibit inefficiency. Not offering the desired output when needed is also associated with lower performance. Scenarios like the lack of functionality of certain machines or devices are common with heap generators. The same is either never witnessed with quality generators or resolved quickly to avoid hampering the profit or productivity of the company. 

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Common Questions About Buying Generators 

Q1. How do I know if a generator is too cheap?

If the price seems significantly lower than other models of similar power output and features, it's likely that corners have been cut in its design or construction.

Q2. Do cheap generators have a shorter lifespan?

Mostly yes. Cheaper generators often use lower-quality components that lead to a shorter lifespan or more frequent repairs or replacements.

Q3. What are some reputable generator brands to rely on?

The top brands manufacturing high-quality generators over the years are: