Consuming around 54% of the world’s total delivered energy, the industrial sector remains the top consumer. However, supplying the industries and other sectors with power consistently without even a minor break is impossible. The power outages are undeniable. The losses for even short outbreaks rise up to millions. 

Seeking a substitute that helps cope with outage situations? Why not pick the best providers—Caterpillar Generators? The age-old brand is more than trustworthy. 

Are you a fact-based decision-maker and the above statement made you wonder what makes them the best? The article is for you. Learn about the Caterpillar brand, its generators, and its qualities, and then decide for yourself. 

Brains Behind Caterpillar

Having served the public for around 100 years, Caterpillar was founded by the merger between Benjamin Holt and C.L. Best. Their consistent quality deliveries made them the leading manufacturers dealing with industrial generators. Believing to the core in innovation and quality, they are the preferred and top choice among industries. 

Their global recognition and 100 years of experience and expertise are reflected in the quality and longevity of their products. Their versatility is exhibited by the offering of a wide range of products, which includes Caterpillar Merchandise and Cat Products & services. The Cat Products & Services encompass industrial products such as generators, engines, articulated trucks, dozers, and much more. Let us stick to our topic of generators. 

Why Choose Caterpillar Generators?

Caterpillar is a tried, tested, and trusted brand. Choosing their generators will fill you with benefits, such as: 

  • Wide variety of choice: The Caterpillar generator provides the opportunity to choose from a wide range of generators with varying power ranges. The products are suited for the power needs of all industries and provide commendable efficiency and performance. 
  • Suits any type of source: The Caterpillar offers a self-designed and manufactured generator suitable as a primary power source or standby power source. 
  • Suitable for any time: The generators are designed to meet the needs during any kind of environmental conditions. They are highly reliable. 
  • Environment friendly: Caterpillar adds to sustainability and environment friendliness by taking advanced measures to deliver clean power. It offers generators operating on lower carbon-intensity fuels such as renewable diesel and biodiesel. 
  • Easy installation: Installation of caterpillar generators, if performed by professionals, is always top-notch. Buyers also get lifetime expert support from caterpillar dealers. 
  • Tried and tested: Each of the major components used in caterpillar generators is tested and reviewed thoroughly. The diesel generator itself is tested for the rate rated and above load to run at 100% capacity. 
  • Accommodation: The Caterpillar company understands the value of space. Being an innovative designer, they ensure the generators fit into as little space as possible. They are the definition of changing the relation between the power and size of the generator. 
  • Efficiency: Being the tried and tested provider of generators, the efficiency of the generator is unbeatable. If you think their lifetime will be little, you are wrong. Proper usage and timely maintenance promises a commendable long life for the generators. 
  • Reliability: Serving for so many years and well-established as a brand, the company is not set to run away or leave its customers. It not only increases the trust in the brand but also eases the accessibility to the components of the generators and their products. Besides, if a certain part or component is unavailable, their customer-oriented service is surely there to find a resolution to the problem. 

Top Caterpillar Generators 

The above information indicates the best aspects of Caterpillar as a company. But how do you trust their productions? Giving you an insight into their manufactured generators will surely help you believe in the products. Let us see what they offer. 

Caterpillar C175-16

The generator is operable to deliver maximum power, it is rated at continuous 2500 kW, 2000 kW standby, and prime 2725 kW. 

  • The diesel-operable generator is engineered and optimized to function at low fuel consumption. 
  • Provides reliable performance across all industries. 
  • Regulatory compliant with ISO 8528-5 G3 and NFPA 110 load acceptance requirements 
  • The generator is verified against important parameters like torsional vibration, transient performance, oil and fuel consumption, and endurance testing 
  • Buyers can benefit from a user-friendly interface and navigation
  • Comes with 24 months and 1000 hours of standby and mission-critical ratings 
  • The system is scalable and is open to site-specific programming for customized needs 
  • The cooling systems operate at ambient temperatures 
  • Buyers gain access to extensive post-sale support that covers maintenance and repair agreements 
  • Compliant with EPA Tier 2 emissions 

CAT 3406

The generator with the best services is designed to deliver 300 kW of power at standby and 270 kW of prime. 

  • Capable of functioning 312 hours 
  • Technical specifications include 120/280 V 3 ph, 60 Hz, and 1800 rpm 
  • Comprises standard air cleaner 
  • Electric start generator operable at 24 V battery set 
  • Expect it to have a jacket water heater, weatherproof enclosure, and 120 VAC battery charge 
  • Comes with a 600-gallon sub-base fuel tank 

Caterpillar XQ75 

Identified as a rental-grade diesel generator, the product is rated to operate at 75 kW. 

  • The generator is powered by Perkins engine
  • Technical specifications include functionality at 60 Hz, 480 V, and 1800 rpm 
  • Offers fuel tank along with other essential components such as analog control panel, breakers, engine-driven radiator 
  • It comes in sound sound-attenuated enclosure 
  • Capable of delivering power for approximately 2240 hours on the meter 
  • Complies with Tier 1 emission standards 
  • Developed in the year 2002 

Caterpillar C32 

Caterpillar generators

The C32 power module available with XQ style packages is rated to deliver 1000 kW of power at standby and 910 kW of power at prime.  

  • Technical specifications are 60 Hz, 1800 rpm, and 480 V
  • Offers important components such as engine-driven radiators, 1600 Amp electrically operated breaker, cam lock panels, EMCP 4.4 digital control panel 
  • Offers fuel tank with storage capacity of 1350 gallons 
  • Operates on 120 V battery charge 
  • EPA Tier 2 compliant 


Finding the right generator suited to your needs is challenging. It encompasses numerous factors along with looking for the right brand. However, trusting a 100-year-old established and renowned company is a reliable decision owing to their high quantity of experience and exceptional deliveries. 

Fitting the definition is Caterpillar, who have combated numerous odds and remained updated with technology and innovation to design and manufacture the needs of every era. Choose your need-based Caterpillar generator and connect with their customer service. You will have all the queries resolved within minutes. Head here now!

Common Questions About Caterpillar Generators 

Q1. What is a trusted source to buy caterpillar generators? 

Power Generation Enterprises are the industry leader that offers Caterpillar generators suited to all your needs. Their customer-friendly service, focus on customer issue resolution, fast-paced action, and timely deliveries are sure to win your trust. 

Q2. Why buy from Power Generation Enterprises?

Apart from meeting your needs, the service provider offers ease of selecting and filtering the generator of choice. You are free to sort the list or put your specific needs in the filter. Besides, you have the option to compare your choices for a final decision. If you are still unable to find the best fit, connect with them directly, and they will be there to serve you. 

Q3. Which fuel source-based generator can I find at Power Generation Enterprises?

You can choose from natural gas and diesel generators based on your preference. 

Q4. I want to sell my generator as soon as possible. Whom shall I contact?

Wonderful! Power Generation Enterprises accepts your generator to give the best price based on its condition and market value. If you are in a hurry, we will match your pace too. Get the same-day quote by simply filling in the form. 

Q5. What are the benefits of buying a used generator?

Buying a used generator can offer significant cost savings compared to purchasing new equipment. Additionally, used generators often retain a high level of reliability and functionality, especially if well-maintained. They can provide a cost-effective solution for backup power needs or temporary usage without the expense of a new unit.

Here is the complete used generators buying guide by our specialists.

Q6. What are the shipping charges for buying a generator from Power Generation Enterprises?

We provide you with the generator at the industry's doorstep completely free of cost.