New & Used Industrial Generators

  1. Caterpillar 3612 - 3300 Kw Diesel Generator


    Caterpillar 3612 Generator Power Plant - Rated at: 3300KW, 4125KVA, 60Hz, 2400/4160V - 900RPM, 572.5 Amps, 3 Phase - 21,000Hrs - Kato Generator, model-A240780000 - Can be sold as engine only! Learn More

    Regular Price: PRICE $195,000.00

    SPECIAL SPECIAL: $159,000.00

  2. Caterpillar 3508 - 850 Kw Diesel Generator


    Pre-Owned Caterpillar 3508 Generator Set

    850KW, 60Hz, 480V

    24V Electric Starter and Alternator

    Circuit Breaker 1600amps

    Please refer to product document "Build Sheet" for further information

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    PRICE $0.00
  3. Caterpillar D398 - 600 Kw Diesel Generator


    Pre-Owned Caterpillar D398 Generator Set - 2 Available

    600KW, 60Hz, 4160V

    Great running unit

    Mobile Trailer mounted genset

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    PRICE $0.00
  4. Caterpillar 3516B - 1250 Kw Diesel Generator


    New Caterpillar 3516B Marine/Offshore Generator Set - 1 Remains Available

    1250KW, 60Hz, 600V, 3phase

    Electronic Governor and heat exchanger cooling

    Oversized KATO Generator End attached

    ABS and IMO certified units

    Please refer to product document "Build Sheet" for further information

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    PRICE $0.00
  5. Caterpillar 3412 - 500 Kw Diesel Generator


    Pre-Owned Caterpillar 3412 Generator Set

    Standby Rating: 500KW, 60Hz, 480V

    Low houred, under 600hrs since new

    Full weather proof enclosure

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    PRICE $0.00
  6. Caterpillar 3512B - 1275 Kw Diesel Generator


    Pre-Owned Caterpillar 3512B DITA Trailer Mounted, Mobile Type Generator Set

    Prime - Standby Rating: 1275KW - 1375KW, 60Hz, 480V

    EMCP II Control Panel

    ADEM Governor

    24V Charging Alternator and Electric Starter

    Circuit Breaker 2500amps

    Fuel tank

    Running take-out

    Please refer to product document "Build Sheet" for further information

    Learn More

    PRICE $0.00
  7. Caterpillar D398B - 600 Kw Diesel Generator


    Pre-Owned Caterpillar D398B Generator Set

    600KW, 60Hz, 480V

    CAT serviced and maintained

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    PRICE $1.00
  8. Caterpillar G3512 - 745 Kw Natural Gas Generator


    Rebuilt Caterpillar G3512 Generator Set

    Continuous Rating: 745KW, 930Kva, 50Hz, 400V

    EMCP II+ Controller

    Woodward EGCP2

    Circuit Breaker

    External/Internal - freshly painted

    40ft sound attenuated enclosure

    Radiator Included

    480in. L x 96in. W x 114in. H

    Approx. 50,000lbs

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    PRICE $1.00
  9. Caterpillar 3512DITA - 1000 Kw Diesel Generator


    Pre-Owned Caterpillar 3512DITA Generator Set

    1000KW, 60Hz, 480V

    Max HP: 1482HP

    SR4 Generator End

    EMCP Controller

    Jacket Water Heater

    Weather Proof Enclosure w/ 150gal tank

    800hrs since new

    Genset unfortunately does not have a circuit breaker

    Please refer to product document "Build Sheet" for further information

    Earlier model with low hours, serviced and load tested! 

    Learn More

    PRICE $0.00
  10. Caterpillar 3516 - 1500 Kw Diesel Generator


    Pre-Owned Caterpillar 3516 ISO Trailer Power Module Generator Set

    1500KW, 60Hz, 480V

    SR4 Generator End

    Radiator Cooled

    40ft. Sound Attenuated ISO Container - New!

    1200gal. double wall tank included

    Can be sold without 4 axle chassis

    ABB Circuit Breaker 3200amps

    Unit has a 90-day warranty, or first 1000hrs after purchase  

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    PRICE $0.00
  11. Caterpillar C32 - 1000 Kw Diesel Generator


    Surplus NEW Caterpillar C32 Generator Sets - 1 remain available - Standby Rating: 1000KW, 60Hz, 480V, 3phase - SR4B PM Generator End - Air cleaner system with service indicator - EMCP 4.2 Controller - Radiator Cooled - Automatic starter and Emergency stop - 24V Electric Starter - Circuit Breaker 1600A - Tier 2 Emissions - IMAGE SHOWN NOT OF ACTUAL UNIT Learn More

    PRICE $1.00
  12. Caterpillar G3406TALE - 200 Kw Natural Gas Generator


    Rebuilt Caterpillar G3406 SITA Generator Set

    Continuous Rating: 200KW, 60Hz, 480V

    11.6:1 Compression Ratio

    24V Starter

    CAT digital ignition

    New Digital Control Panel

    Previous 50 cycle application, rebuilt to 60hz

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    PRICE $0.00
  13. Caterpillar G3408 - 325 Kw Natural Gas Generator


    Pre-Owned Caterpillar G3408 Generator Set - 2 available!

    325KW, dual frequency

    24V electric starter

    1500hrs since new

    Please refer to product document "Build Sheet" for further information

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    PRICE $0.00
  14. Caterpillar 3412 - 600 Kw Generator


    Pre-Owned Caterpillar 3412DITA Generator Set

    600KW, 60Hz, 480V

    Electric Starter

    SR4 Generator End

    Please refer to product document "Build Sheet" for further information

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    PRICE $1.00
  15. Caterpillar G3516 - 1000 Kw Natural Gas Generator


    Pre-Owned Caterpillar G3516 Generator Sets - 3 available!

    Continuous Rating: 1000KW, 1250Kva,

    KATO Synchronous D/C Brushless generator end

    Running takeouts, just taken out of service

    Please refer to product document "Build Sheet" for further information.


    Locomotive spec units.

    Learn More

    PRICE $0.00
  16. Caterpillar C27 - 650 Kw Diesel Generator


    Pre-Owned Caterpillar C27 Generator Set.

    997 BHP  @ 1800RPM

    Rating:  Standby 650KW, 60Hz, 480/440V

    12 Wire, Generator end 595 Frame

    EMCP 3.2 Controller

    24V Charging Alternator

    EPA & CARB emissions certification

    Low houred unit

    Please refer to product document "Build Sheet" for further information

    Learn More

    PRICE $1.00

Power outages have been identified as a contributing factor to unmitigated chaos in businesses, impacting in many ways, disrupting entire processes.  One of the compelling reasons for installation of generators, outages can turn the best plan on its head and retard growth.

At the core of our business at Powergenenterprises, lies a vision to make available the best generators for customers. Dealing in new and used generators that run on diesel and natural gas, we endeavor to meet the critical power requirements of clientele with diverse needs.

Our association has been with the best brands in the business. Caterpillar and Cummins are two such brands that have legendary status. In terms of quality, reliability, power rating and cost effective operations, these two brands are unbeatable.

The component quality and innovative designs combined with superior processes make Cummins and Caterpillar two of the most sought after brands. Operating in backup and standby mode, these diesel and natural gas generators set benchmarked quality in operations.

With the requirement for easily portable new and used generators growing every day, we have ramped up our acquisition and refurbishing team to get the desired product mix in our inventory.  Ranging from 10KW to 2200 KW, clientele requirements are diverse to meet backup and standby requirements.  These two brands have designed and developed grid worthy generators and ancillary units in compact and neat enclosed models.

If you are in need of a high performance generator, then an informed decision will narrow down the choice to either a Caterpillar or Cummins generator .  The choice of a good generator should invariably be supported by the right choice of retailer/vendor. And Powergenenterprises, with strong experience in power generation and ancillary equipment, qualifies as the best choice.

What we offer on sale are a diverse range of generators from only the most reputed brands. The refurbished generators are technically serviced and overhauled to perform admirably well for an extended period of time. Before we offer a generator on sale, we make sure that we are convinced of its quality through methodical assessments. If you do not wish to be plagued with power outages, it is time to go in for a portable generator .

If you too wish to purchase an industrial or commercial grade equipment, then request your requirement now, Click Here!