With present power consumption running at a peak of 15 terawatts, the energy providers are multiple. In times of constant power disruptions due to depleting natural energy resources, the switch to backup becomes a necessity. The choice of the best generators is essential to run the facilities powering human and animal lives. 

Caterpillar has been serving the world with power solutions for around 100 years now. They face continued growth in demand after earning customer trust and satisfaction. In view of the stated facts, let us verify them with a few case studies exploring how Caterpillar came out to be the savior of the world by serving hospitals, industries, marine works and government research. 

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Case Studies

Study 1: Fuelling the Local Area Power Requirement 

Problem: The city of Johnson City, Kansas, had a municipality-owned power backup equipment that has been operating for more than 60 years. Apart from the age of the generator, the city faced another complex problem, which was its manual operation. It required a manual and experienced individual for a safe and quick start. The retirement of the last superintendent, holding the desired experience, asked for the time to update their capabilities. 

Solution: Two Cat C175-16 caterpillar diesel generator sets were chosen as a replacement set to deliver 6 MW of power in standby applications. These generators were designed and tested by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) for their capability to restore the power for Level 1 systems and accept 100% block load in one step. The generators are also efficient for load acceptance and steady-state while also meeting US EPA Tier 4 Final emissions standards, making them deliver around 5000 hours annually. 

The advanced features obtained here included:

  • Eliminated hands-on controls for voltage and frequency adjustment 
  • Flawless performance continuously for eight hours 
  • Easy and effortless operation
  • Speedy power backup, which previously took around 25 to 30 minutes 
  • Offers clean power

Study 2: Fuelling healthcare institute 

Problem: This case belongs to the University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Medical Center. The medical facility was required to expand its operations, which required an increased capacity power backup solution. The existing solution was suitable for only 40% of healthcare-based loads, including cooling requirements. The requirement of cooling during summer was a non-negotiable necessity. The cost-effective solution was Combined Heat and Power (CHP). However, it required the prior presence of power backup to meet power shortages during outages. 

Solution: The choice to meet the demand was a Cat G3516H generator capable of delivering 2 MW of power fuelled by natural gas. It seemed to be a great fit as it could replace two smaller engines required to be run alone. Further, it can also power healthcare-based loads and cooling systems simultaneously.

It served with advanced features, such as:

  • Met emission reduction levels 
  • Run at a lower setpoint while maintaining all the required power productions. 
  • Generally runs at 65 and 90 per cent capacity. 
  • Utilises waste heat for steam production utilized in heat recovery steam generators. 
  • Higher efficiency than traditional energy systems 

Study 3: Fuelling construction sites 

Portable Generator at Construction Site

Problem: The client Canary Wharf Contractors Limited is a leader in the construction of high-towered buildings. Their project of new construction for a North American bank required a constant power supply to avoid any disruption, which could lead to a high quantity of financial loss. Adding to the problem, the plat room was located on the 14th floor, which posed a challenge in installation. Special instructions in the requirement included not comprising the structural integrity of the building due to noise and vibration transfer. 

Solution: The best Caterpillar generator selected to meet the energy demands were four sets of Cat 3516B generators delivering 2000 kVA 11 kV power. The top floor requirements were met by tower crane availability, keeping environmental considerations in mind. Additionally, the acoustic and ventilation packages were delivered to avoid compromising the structural integrity of the building. 

Study 4: Fuelling supermarket chain 

Problem: The client in the problem here was a major UK supermarket chain with an already established set foot in the retail market. Delivering their quality services for a long time and valuing the same, their requirement was uninterrupted power applied to meet their promises. The power requirements were essential to deal with carefully planned operations. In the absence of the same, the major challenges faced by the retail chains that led to financial losses were inconvenience to customers in shopping and billing resulting from long waiting lines. The loss of temperature and systems at distribution centers would lead to the loss of frozen perishable items such as chilled and frozen stock. 

Solution: To fuel the demand for supermarket chains, including the stores and distribution centers, Caterpillar standby diesel generators in the range of 110 to 350 kVA were the preferred choice for retail outlets. The 15000 kVA caterpillar generator set in the range of 1000 to 2000 kVA was used to power the distribution centers. The generators were specified to provide 50% higher power backup during outages. The promise was delivered post-verification with a 100% load bank test. 

Final Thoughts

Caterpillar generators have delivered exceptional performances in multiple sectors, contributing to running the world uninterruptedly. Serving the requirements through their trusted dealers, who would tackle challenges with technical expertise, the customer satisfaction rate is high. 

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Common Questions About Caterpillar Generators

Q1. What fuel sources are used by caterpillar generators?

The caterpillar generators run on both diesel and natural gas. 

Q2. What type of organization is Caterpillar?

Caterpillar serves three types of industries: resource, construction, energy, and transportation. 

Q3. What is the range of power of caterpillar generators? 

The caterpillar generators range from 40 kW to 2500 kW. 

Q4. For how long can caterpillar generators run?

The caterpillar generator Cat RP series can run between 10 to 15 hours at 50% load based on the model, while the INV2000 is capable of delivering power for about 6 hours at the stated load.