If you are wondering how much a caterpillar generator costs, you are at the right place. In this carefully curated article, we have covered the pricing of Caterpillar (CAT) generators and its determining factors like power capacity, features, specifications, manufacturer, fuel type, size, and more.

Moreover, the price of a new Caterpillar generator varies from a second-hand Caterpillar generator. You can check out some great CAT options at Power Generation Enterprises and find exactly what you need, depending on your requirements.

What Are Caterpillar Generators?

Caterpillar generators are high-performing generators manufactured by an American corporation called Caterpillar Inc. 

The reliability and durability have deemed Caterpillar an appropriate choice for residential, commercial, and industrial usage.

Fuel Types of Caterpillar Generators

The Caterpillar generators are available in all different fuel types like petrol, diesel, natural gas, and propane. Depending on the kind of use, size, and price range, you can determine which fuel type will work best for you.

However, a pre-owned 750 kw CAT diesel generator starts from $59,000 and can go up to $235,000.

Price Determining Factors of Caterpillar Generators

Mentioned here are some of the major price-determining factors of Caterpillar generators:

Power Capacity 

The more the capacity, the higher will be the cost. Therefore, larger CAT generators with higher power outputs will be more expensive than smaller CAT generators.

Smaller CAT generators like XQ225 225 kW generators are used for household consumption and operating small machines. Meanwhile, bigger generators like CAT 3516 1500 kW are mainly used to run heavy industrial machinery.

Generator Type

CAT generators are available in various types, like standby generators, primary power generation generators, continuous power generation generators, etc.

For instance, for a standby generator, a CAT XQ60 60 kW CARB diesel generatorpriced at $29,500 will be sufficient.

Caterpillar generator

Emissions Compliance

Often, generators must follow environmental regulations and emission compliance measures. The higher the compliance measures, the higher the cost, as it requires additional components in the generator's design.

Features and Accessories

Depending on the requirements, new features and accessories can be added to the CAT generators. Accessories like remote monitoring systems, transfer switches, soundproof enclosures, etc., can vary the cost of the generator.

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What’s the Bottom Line? 

The average cost of caterpillar generators can fall between $29,500 to $745,000. The tier 4 C18 CAT generators are priced at $745,000 due to high power generation capacity and advanced technology features like ABB auto breakers, EMCP 4.4 panels, paralleling switchgear, and more.

They might seem highly priced, but the CAT generators' unparalleled performance will give you no room to complain.

The testimonial section at CAT rightly states a user, “Globally, I only used CAT generators because I always had a good experience with them working through the CAT dealer network.”

Commonly Asked Questions About Caterpillar Generator Pricing

In what power capacities are the caterpillar generators available? 

Caterpillar Diesel Generators stand out as the premier choice for industrial applications due to their unmatched power capacities. These generators are tailored to meet the demanding needs of industrial settings, boasting power capacities ranging from 2000kW and beyond. With robust construction and reliable performance, Caterpillar generators ensure uninterrupted power supply, making them the preferred choice for industries worldwide.

What are some safety features of caterpillar generators? 

Some safety features available in all Caterpillar generators are ground fault protection, fire suppression systems, emergency stop buttons, exhaust systems, automatic shutdown systems, low fuel shutdown systems, and more.

Can caterpillar generators be customized? 

Yes, caterpillar generators can be customized to meet specific needs and requirements. Additionally, depending on the number of customizations and additions, the generator's price can increase accordingly.

Are caterpillar generators reliable? 

Yes, caterpillar generators are known for their reliability and safety features. They are robustly built to withstand demanding operating conditions and provide consistent performance. Here is the list of best caterpillar generators.

Are caterpillar generators known for efficient and sustainable energy consumption? 

Yes, caterpillar generators are built on sustainable energy consumption and emissions guidelines. It rightly received the Clean Air Excellence Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 2019.